ERP Integrated Mobile Apps for your Customers and your Sales Team

Empower your sales reps and customers with our Mobile App suite that consists of multiple solutions that cover all your business needs. Whether you need a sales rep app, van sales app, or customer app, Aphix is a one-stop-shop to get them all.

Our Mobile App solutions work across mobile devices, on tablets or smartphones and allow your sales reps and customers to access account information and place order directly to your ERP 24/7, 365 days a year.

Streamline, Automate, and Scale your Business

Leverage the power of ERP integration that can help your business to streamline and automate core processes and while you shift your focus on growing and scaling.

Our mobile app solutions integrate with your ERP software and offer real-time product information, pricing, stock availability, customer account information, 24-7, 365 real-time ordering, and much more directly from your ERP.

The Aphix mobile apps, that connect to the Aphix Digital Platform, use your ERP as the brain of your online operations for precise and fast information retrieval and for placing orders.

ERP Integrated Mobile Apps for all Business Models


ERP Integrated Mobile App Solutions

Our Mobile Apps Suite covers your field sales and customer self-ordering operations.

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Empower your field sales with Aphix SalesRep app and allow them to showcase your catalogue with images and descriptions, customer-specific pricing and account information, and place orders in real-time to your back office systems. All with a few simple taps.

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Integrated eCommerce for SAP ECC

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The Aphix VanSales app for van sales puts real-time product, stock, pricing and customer information, and much more. The app is built for iOS and Android with both online and offline access, the app gives your team the power to deliver products and complete orders on the go with ease.

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PocketShop is a branded B2B customer mobile app that allows your customers to place orders directly into your business 24/7 365! It can be used both online and offline and can save you time, money and the hassle of re-keying orders taken by phone, fax or email.

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