Integrated Company-Branded Ordering App for your Customers

PocketShop is a B2B customer mobile app for wholesalers and distributors developed by Aphix Software. This digital ordering solution allows your customers to place orders directly into your business 24/7 365! It can save you time, money and the hassle of re-keying orders taken by phone, fax or email.

PocketShop enhances customer experience and adds an additional channel through which your business can receive orders.

The app can be tailored to reflect your company and brand, which means you can have your own branded app in the app store in less than 4 weeks.

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We cover some of the most frequently asked questions people ask us about our Customer Ordering App.


The Main Benefits of Integrating Your B2B Customer App to your ERP software.

Integrating your own B2B customer ordering app with your ERP means that you customers always have access to real-time, accurate information and 24/7 ordering.

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 Boost Digital Orders & Sales

Promote new or existing products in the app and enable your customers to place orders directly into your business 24/7, 365 from their mobile phone, with a few simple taps.

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 Enhance Communication

Effectively communicate with your customers through the app about product launches, new services, promotional offers, company updates and anything else you want to inform them about.

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Improve Customer Experience

Provide another sales channel through which your customers can view account information, order history, statements, and more, and easily place orders into your business at any time and place.

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Capture Customer Data

Capture accurate data and get powerful insights into how your customers interact with your products and content and run more effective marketing and sales campaigns.

Main Features of Aphix PocketShop

With Aphix PocketShop, your customer can place orders directly into your business 24/7, 365 from their mobile phone.

Real-Time Integration with your ERP

Provide your customers with real-time, accurate product information, trade pricing, stock availability, order history, statements, and more directly from your ERP system.

24/7, 365 Ordering

Enable your customers to order on the go directly into your business 24/7 from their mobile phones, anytime, anywhere.

Online & Offline Functionality

Your customers can see product and account information, compile orders, and more whether they are online or offline. All data will be up-to-date based on their last sync.

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Branded App

Get your own tailored customer ordering app that reflects your company and brand with your own company name, logo, brand colours, banners, and company information. 

Payment Gateway Integration

Allow your customers to pay either on credit or by credit card when they place orders into your business.

Barcode Scanning

Help your customers and employees find the products they need faster by just scanning a product's barcode/QR code to easily locating it within the app.