Find our most frequently asked questions and answers below.

  • What ERP systems does the PocketShop app integrate with?

    The PocketShop App integrates in real-time with most major ERP systems, such as SAP, Sage, Intact, and HARMONiQ.
  • How long does the implementation process of the PocketShop App take?

    You can have your fully integrated, customised and company-branded app live in less than four weeks.
  • Does the PocketShop app work both online and offline?

    Yes, you can use the PocketShop app offline as you would online and any actions made, will be saved. However, you will only be able to submit an order once you are connected to the internet again.
  • Does PocketShop support customer-specific pricing?

    Yes, the app support customer-specific pricing that comes live and directly from your ERP.
  • Are products automatically updated on the app?

    Yes, products are updated in real-time every time you update your back-end system.
  • What operating system does the PocketShop app work on?

    The Aphix PocketShop app works on both iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Does PocketShop support barcode scanning?

    Yes, customers and users can quickly scan product barcodes/QR codes which allows them to find them within the app and add them to their cart.
  • Does PocketShop support payment integrations?

    Yes, the Aphix PocketShop app currently supports only one payment integration, SagePay.
  • Does PocketShop save products to the cart even if you exit the app? 

    Yes, you can add items to the cart and exit the app. When you come back, items are stored and you continue from where you left off.
  • Does the PocketShop app provide order history?

    Yes, Aphix PocketShop provides customers with full order history and more information for each order.
  • Does the PocketShop app provide a breakdown of transactions?

    Yes, the PocketShop app provides customers with transaction history. More specifically, customers can view information such as order number, dates and total amount paid for each transaction.
  • Can customers print or download their order history or transaction history?

    No, customers currently can only view their order history and statements within the app.
  • Is there a delivery or pick up in store option for customers?

    Yes, at checkout customers have the option to request for their products to get delivered to their designated address or to pick them up in-store if they prefer.