Integrated Field Sales App for your Sales Reps

Fast track your sales force with SalesRep by Aphix Software. Suitable for field sales, van sales and as an in-store assistant. The integrated mobile app solution helps your entire sales team to sell smarter

SalesRep app is optimized for speed and designed with the wholesale selling process in mind. You can quickly and conveniently showcase your catalogue with images and descriptions, easily add and remove items to order, plus submit orders in real time to your back office systems. All with a few simple taps.

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The Main Benefits of the Aphix Field Sales App

Field Sales Apps are becoming the industry standard that helps companies to streamline their field sales processes, reduce costs, as well as improve sales reps’ productivity and efficiency.

Business your business Aphix SalesRep

Streamline Business

Real-time ERP integration ensures that sales reps have access to up-to-date information, all the time, and can take orders whether they are connected to the internet or not and place orders directly into your back office system..

Reduce business costs with the Aphix Field Sales App

Reduce Business Costs

SalesRep minimises the need for daily time-consuming tasks such as calling in the office for information, manually taking orders on paper and then relaying them to the admins, providing statements and much more.

Improve productivity of sales force with Aphix SalesRep

Improve Productivity

Having access to real-time product and account information enables sales reps not only to provide a better customer experience but also to take and complete orders on the go, way faster than the old traditional way.

Some Features of the Aphix SalesRep App

Real-time ERP integration

The Aphix field sales app integrates in real-time with your ERP system providing you with real-time product information such as descriptions, stock levels, customer-specific pricing, as well as customer account information such as order history, statements, credit limits, and much more.

Online & Offline Functionality

Sales reps can use the Aphix field sales app on the go, even if they are not connected to the internet. SalesRep app provides full functionality and access to product and customer account information and ordering both online and offline.

Aphix Field Sales App Product Calatogue

Real-Time Ordering

Sales reps can access the digital catalogue with product images, descriptions, stock availability, customer-specific pricing etc. and place orders directly into your ERP system without having to call in the office to relay the orders to the admins.

Built-In CRM

Aphix SalesRep app allows sales reps to create and manage opportunities and customers within the app. It allows them to quickly search their whole customer and prospect base and retrieve information and notes for each one in a matter of seconds.

Real-Time ERP Integration

The Aphix Digital Platform integrates seamlessly to the following ERP systems


SAP logo

Aphix offers real-time integration between the Aphix Digital Platform and SAP ERP systems such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP Business One, SAP HANA, and SAP ECC.



Sage logo

Aphix offers real-time integration between the Aphix Digital Platform and Sage ERP systems such as Sage X3, Sage 200, and Sage 1000.



Intact logo

Aphix offers real-time integration between the Aphix Digital Platform and Intact ERP systems such as Intact iQ, Intact Vline, and Intact Xline.




Aphix offers real-time integration between the Aphix Digital Platform and other ERP systems such as a leading ERP in Australia, HARMONiQ ERP.


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