What We Offer to Companies Running HARMONiQ

A Scalable Solution

A Scalable Solution

Start with one type of sales and add web sales, fields sales, customer mobile ordering, and more
Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment

Simple, fast implementation of highly configurable sites with unlimited products

A Secure Cloud Platform

A Secure Cloud Platform

Highly configurable platform & products that do not require expensive projects

Omnichannel Sales

Omnichannel Sales

Provide added digital channels for  your customers to place orders to your business

Real-Time Integration

Real-Time Integration

Live product, pricing, stock, account information, and more directly from HARMONiQ

eCommerce Automation

eCommerce Automation

Turn complicated tasks into a streamlined process to enrich the customer experience

The Digital Platform for Integrated eCommerce

Sell online, sell smarter, sell faster with HARMONiQ integrated eCommerce by Aphix.

We offer real-time product, pricing and stock information as well as full my account functionality directly from HARMONiQ

From our digital platform, you can easily add-on solutions such as eCommerce, Mobile Apps, and eProcurement tools, as and when you need them.

The best part is that you already have the data you need in your HARMONiQ system to start selling online now.

The Benefits of the Aphix Digital Platform with HARMONiQ

Certified Integrated eCommerce for HARMONiQ


Real-Time Integration of Aphix eCommerce and HARMONiQ

Real-time integration of the Aphix Digital Platform with HAMRONiQ allows users of your digital ordering solutions immediate access to up to date product and customer details along with 24/7 ordering, while you receive live sales orders directly into your HARMONiQ system

Heating products on Goodwins website

Product Information

  • Full digital catalogue
  • Product images and descriptions
  • Live stock levels
  • Product categories
  • Special offers & marketing communications

Customer Information

  • Customer or group specific pricing
  • Account information like billing details, credit history etc.
  • Statements & invoices
  • Customer order history
  • Recent products and favourites

HARMONiQ customer analysis screen

Back end system ERP integration for HAMRONiQ customers

Placing & Receiving Orders

  • 24/7 live ordering
  • Quick order function
  • Easy repeat ordering
  • Orders placed directly into HARMONiQ
  • Ready in real-time for picking & dispatch