Increase your sales force productivity and efficiency with VanSales App.

The Aphix digital platform allows you to expand your digital offering even further with our easy to deploy VanSales app.

With full integration to your ERP system, you will reduce order processing times and costs, use your reps’ time more efficiently and improve the customer experience. The mobile B2B app for van sales puts real-time product, stock, pricing and customer information at your fingertips and places orders directly to your ERP. Also, with barcode scanning, you can expedite the sales process even further.

Built for iOS and Android with both online and offline access, the app gives your team the power to deliver products and complete orders on the go with ease.

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Main Benefits of the VanSales App

With VanSales, your sales force and your company can benefit in many different ways, However, below we have the main benefits that VanSales offers.

Increase Sales with a Van Sales App Solution

Increase Sales

Your van sales force will be able to visit more customers, be more productive, complete more orders, and easily meet and exceed their daily targets, all thanks to the Aphix VanSales App that gives them all the tools they need to do so.

Streamline your business with a Supplier Portal

Reduce Business Costs

With VanSales, your sales teams have access to real-time product & customer account information, customer-specific pricing, stock availability, etc. which saves time the constant back and forth calling for information or relaying orders with admins.

Reduce Admin Errors with VanSales App

Reduce Admin Errors

Your van sales teams can take and place orders on the go using the Aphix VanSales App. That means they don't have to call in the office to relay orders which will result in fewer manual order taking errors.

Some features of the Aphix VanSales App

Real-Time Integration

Real-time integration ensures that your van sales reps always have access to up-to-date customer account and product information, order history, invoices, statements, etc.

Proof of Delivery

When placing an order, you can quickly and conveniently send your customer a proof of delivery either by email or you can print one if you have a printer in the van and hand it to them.

In-App eSignature Capture

Your van sales teams can collect and store customer signatures within the app, send invoices by email or print them if a printer is available.



Van/Stock Control

Your van sales teams can easily view all of the company’s van/warehouse locations and stock available in each so they can ask a colleague to complete an order if they have run out of a product.

In-App Contact Management

VanSales has capabilities which allow your reps to create new opportunities, notes, appointments, reminders, and more.

Barcode Scanning

For faster order completion, your van sales teams can avoid wasting time looking for products. Instead, the app allows them to quickly scan products.

Real-Time ERP Integration

The Aphix Digital Platform integrates seamlessly to the following ERP systems


SAP logo

Aphix offers real-time integration between the Aphix Digital Platform and SAP ERP systems such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP Business One, SAP HANA, and SAP ECC.



Sage logo

Aphix offers real-time integration between the Aphix Digital Platform and Sage ERP systems such as Sage X3, Sage 200, and Sage 1000.



Intact logo

Aphix offers real-time integration between the Aphix Digital Platform and Intact ERP systems such as Intact iQ, Intact Vline, and Intact Xline.




Aphix offers real-time integration between the Aphix Digital Platform and other ERP systems such as a leading ERP in Australia, HARMONiQ ERP.


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