Integrated eProcurement Solutions for your Business

Our eProcurement suite consists of multiple solutions that streamline and automate your business' procurement process and help you sell smarter online.

The Aphix eProcurement solutions are easy to use, mobile-friendly. scalable, and can help your company build a better customer experience by giving them access to real-time product and account information as well as online ordering directly into your ERP, 24/7, 365.

And the best part? They are all a part of the Aphix Digital Platform, a cloud-based SaaS solution.

Streamline and Automate your Business with Integrated eProcurement Solutions

Leverage the power of ERP integration to help your business streamline and automate core procurement processes while you shift your focus on more important aspects of your business.

Our eProcurement solutions integrate with your ERP software and offer real-time product information, pricing, stock availability, customer account information, 24/7, 365 real-time ordering, and much more directly from your ERP.

Not to mention that all of our solutions are of the Aphix Digital Platform, meaning that you can add on solutions and scale easily as and when you need it.

ERP Integrated eProcurement Solutions for your Business


ERP Integrated eProcurement Solutions

Provide real-time product and account information to your customers directly from your ERP software.

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With Aphix Order Punchout, you can simplify your customers' procurement process by allowing them to access your eCommerce store and place orders directly from within their procurement system.

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Supplier Portal Screen

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The Aphix Supplier Portal solution integrates in real-time with your ERP system, providing access to document status, account status, payment dates, and more which in return increase transparency, efficiency, and collaboration with suppliers. Streamlines how your business interacts, communicates and manages suppliers.

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Throw away your paper catalogues and with it, all the costs and hassle associated. Our eCatalogue solution is fully customisable and accessible 24-7, 365 and provides your customers and website visitors with real-time product information, pricing, stock availability, images, and much more.

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Product on Aphix Uniform Management System

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The Aphix UniformManagement system is a robust SaaS solution that integrates with the supplier's ERP to drive efficiency and bypasses the traditional method of manual ordering. The system provides real-time availability of clothing and apparel from the supplier's ERP and when the order is placed it goes directly into their ERP to eliminate manual data entry on their end.

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