How can you benefit from the Aphix Supplier Portal?

The Aphix Supplier Portal enables the efficient online exchange of supplier communications such as invoices, purchase orders, delivery documents, agreed on pricing etc.

The solution focuses on helping your business to automate the entire purchase-to-pay process between you and your suppliers, making the process visible and transparent from both sides.

The supplier portal integrates in real-time with your ERP system, providing access to document status, account status and payment dates which in return increases transparency, efficiency, and collaboration with suppliers.

The online portal streamlines how your business interacts, communicates and manages suppliers. It not only improves service, but it also provides suppliers with 24-7 online access to their personal account information.

Supplier Portal Solution

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The Main Benefits of Implementing the Aphix Supplier Portal

Portal Solutions are on the increase and almost expected by all large suppliers as they provide real-time access, account information and additional self-service features.

Streamline your business with a Supplier Portal

Streamline Business Processes

Automate your business' purchase-to-pay process, the repetitive provision of documentation, statements, invoices, manual order-taking, and save time and resources for your business.

Reduce data entry tasks with our supplier portal

Reduce Data Entry Tasks

Reduce time-consuming daily tasks, such as providing copies of documents, invoices, statements by implementing an Aphix Supplier Portal.

24/7 Supplier Self-Service Access

Our supplier portal provides easy access from all devices, such as desktops, tablets, and mobile phones, making account information, statements & invoices available 365 days a year.

Some Features of the Supplier Portal

View Real-Time Information

Real-time integration ensures that your suppliers always have access to up-to-date account information, order history, invoices, statements, etc.

24/7 Account Access

Suppliers can easily get access to their online account 24/7, from any device.

Supplier Portal Software

Approve Orders

Authorised personnel may approve your suppliers' orders before they go directly into your ERP ready for dispatch. This way, you set better credit limits and controls.

Pay Invoices

Your suppliers can view. pay or enquire about invoices through their secure online account.