Budget allocation, Employee allowances, Usage tracking and more.

Suppliers can allow their customers to take control of the uniform ordering process by allowing employees to place orders directly with the supplier. The process is fully controlled and the software facilitates budget allocation, employee allowances and reports on usage tracking against the individual employees.

The uniform management system is a robust SaaS solution that integrates with the suppliers ERP to drive efficiency and bypasses the traditional method of manual ordering. The system provides real-time availability of clothing and apparel from the suppliers ERP and when the order is placed it goes directly into the suppliers ERP to eliminate manual data entry on their end.

The end-to-end process is handled digitally, online and the orders can be placed anytime, anywhere through desktop, tablet or mobile. This innovation gives suppliers a serious competitive advantage in the market especially when it comes to automating the supply of uniforms and equipment to the end-user.

Uniform Management Applies to Multiple Industries such as:



Food and Hospitality






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Main Benefits to You and your Customers

The Aphix Uniform Management System will streamline and automate your business. It will help you create opportunities that never existed by providing a free or paid solution to large companies with the frequent ordering of company clothing. PPE uniforms, and personal equipment and resulting in revenue and improved customer relationships.


Benefits to the Supplier:

More Contracts

Offer better customer service

Take orders 24/7



Benefits to the customer:

Place orders when needed

Allocate budget

Generate reports


Some Features of the Aphix Uniform Management System

The Aphix Uniform Management System offers some great features like 24/7 customer self-service, budget controls, powerful reporting, customer-specific lists and pricing, and much more.

Real-Time ERP Integration

Aphix Uniform Management System integrates seamlessly with your ERP software, providing real-time information such as product descriptions, stock availability, customer-specific pricing, order history, statements, and much more.

Powerful Reporting

You can provide your customers with useful data that covers different periods of time which will allow them to better understand and analyse the likes of expenditure and usage for different groups, users, or items that their employee’s order from.

Uniform Management Software

24/7 Self-Service

Your customers not only can they order 24/7, but they can access their secure online account and view real-time account information like order history, statements and such, from anywhere and any device.

Budget Controls

Allowing your customers to allocate their employees with the correct, pre-defined product lists and define the frequency of which they can order as well as the expenditure limits, it will undoubtedly make them stick with you forever.

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