Your business can benefit from a customer self-service portal

A customer self-service portal provides a secure place where your customers can manage their accounts, view and pay their invoices, place orders and much more in real-time.

They’re fast becoming the preferred option for businesses looking to enhance the customer experience. You can offer a gateway to your business where customers can solve account queries on their own at a time that’s convenient to them, before reaching out to your customer support team.

The real-time integration between our client portal and your chosen ERP system ensures that your customers are always managing accurate and up-to-date information regarding their account, your products, pricing, stock or services.

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The Main Benefits of Implementing the Aphix Customer Portal

A customer portal is becoming a business standard, expected by all customers, as it provides access to real-time account information and additional customer self-service features.

Reduce business costs with our customer portal

Reduce Customer Service Costs

Reduce your company's costs by implementing the Aphix Customer Portal solution which reduces the need for a large team of customer support agents.

Improve customer service experience

Improve Customer Service Experience

The Aphix Customer Portal makes it easy for your customers to get the answers they need when they need them from any device.

24/7 B2C eCommerce self-service

Provide 24/7 Customer Self-Service

Your customers will have access to their accounts 24/7, allowing them to self-serve on-demand with no additional waiting times.

Some Features of the Customer Portal

Real-time integration with your ERP system

Real-time integration ensures that your customers always view up-to-date product and account information.

Customer access to invoices, statements,  etc.

Customers can view real-time information on invoices, statements, order history, and much more on any device and at all times.

Customer Portal Dashboard

Secure 24/7 self-service on any device

Customers can self-service from any device and at any given moment, always in a secure and safe environment.

Company branded customer portal

You can customise our customer portal solution so it reflects your company brand that your customers associate you with.

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