What is D2C eCommerce?

D2C eCommerce is an abbreviation that stands for direct-to-consumer eCommerce and is a term used to describe an eCommerce strategy where your traditional B2B business also becomes a B2C model.

That means your manufacturing business can now sell directly to the end-consumer without having to sell just to other B2B companies only.

This in return allows you company to produce a given product, package it, market it, sell it, and finally distribute it to the end-consumer, enabling you to complete the whole cycle from production to distribution all by yourself, without depending on others.

D2C eCommerce


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Find out how the Aphix D2C integrated eCommerce solution can help your manufacturing business sell directly to end-consumers.

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Main Benefits of D2C eCommerce

Integrating your online catalogue with your ERP software gives your customer’s ability to self-service on a platform that scales as your business grows.

Increase your B2C eCommerce sales

Increased Sales

By selling directly to consumers, you can add another channel through which you can make more revenue. That, however, doesn’t mean that you should stop selling to business. You can just cross sell and upsell to business and consumers alike.

D2C eCommerce and omnichannel selling

Omnichannel Experience

Manufacturers can now have full control over their activities, from manufacturing to packaging, to marketing and selling. That allows them to create an omnichannel experience for their customers too.

Increase Brand Reputation with a D2C eCommerce

Better Brand Reputation

Your manufacturing business can now have more control over marketing and sales strategies as you can manufacture and sell directly to the end-consumer, enabling you to promote your brand the way you want.

Main Features D2C eCommerce

Real-time integration with your ERP system

You can integrate your ERP software with the Aphix D2C eCommerce in real-time, meaning that you only have to manage data only in one place, your ERP system.

Mobile-friendly D2C eCommerce

Our D2C eCommerce allows your end-consumers to access your online store from any device, at their convenience.

B2C eCommerce solution

24/7 online ordering

With the Aphix D2C eCommerce, end-consumers can place orders directly into your business 24/7, 365 days a year.

Discounts & Promotions

Encourage your consumers to order directly from your business by offering online-only product discounts, special offers, multi-buy offers, and more.

Real-Time ERP Integration

The Aphix Digital Platform integrates seamlessly to the following ERP systems


SAP logo

Aphix offers real-time integration between the Aphix Digital Platform and SAP ERP systems such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP Business One, SAP HANA, and SAP ECC.



Sage logo

Aphix offers real-time integration between the Aphix Digital Platform and Sage ERP systems such as Sage X3, Sage 200, and Sage 1000.



Intact logo

Aphix offers real-time integration between the Aphix Digital Platform and Intact ERP systems such as Intact iQ, Intact Vline, and Intact Xline.




Aphix offers real-time integration between the Aphix Digital Platform and other ERP systems such as a leading ERP in Australia, HARMONiQ ERP.


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