The Advantages of the Aphix Digital Platform

The Aphix Digital Platform is a cloud-based, SaaS platform that integrates in real-time with SAP, Sage, Intact ERP’s.

This platform hosts multiple digital ordering solutions which cover the full 360° ordering of your business operations.

Aphix products can be used for managing customers and suppliers both online and offline all driven by your ERP in real-time.

We help companies sell smarter.

Aphix Digital Platform

Find out how the Aphix Digital Platform can streamline your business and increase revenue!

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Digital Platform Stats

Aphix Digital Platform Statistics

  • 350+ individual businesses using the platform
  • Now active in over 13 countries on 4 continents 
  • Total number of Aphix platform users in the last qtr of 2019 - 4,686,310
  • Organic search visits to hosted eCommerce sites in the last qtr of 2019 – 2,919,866
  • B2B eCommerce conversion rate - 2.51% (22% higher than industry average)
  • Most companies on the platform have increased their turnover by 5% in year one. 
  • Some companies recorded a 20% increase in online sales conversions.

Main Advantages of the Digital Platform as an eCommerce Solution

Streamline Business Processes

Automate the purchase-to-pay process, remove the need for manual order processing, reduce the time customer support agents spend with customers, and remove the need for in-house maintenance of the software.

Increase Business Revenue

Run your business and accept orders 24/7. Sell products on your platform, as well as across all major marketplaces and social media platforms, in multiple currencies, languages, locations and time zones.

Improve customer satisfaction

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Provide 24/7 online ordering and account self-service access to customers where they can view account information, invoices, statements, order history, etc., across multiple devices.

Main advantages of the Digital Platform as a SaaS solution

Reduce Business Costs

Reduce Costs

Our platform reduces your business costs as it automates many of the manual and repetitive tasks and minimises the need for in-house hardware and IT personnel, as we host, maintain and upgrade the software for you.

eCommerce and ERP Integration


The Aphix Digital Platform integrates with many ERPs and accounting systems, CRMs, email marketing automations tools, analytics tools, and many more and it allows you to further streamline your business.

Software maintenance and updates

Maintenance & Upgrades

With our SaaS model, you can be assured that you do not have to do anything to maintain the software as we do that for you. We host, maintain, improve and upgrade it so you can just enjoy the benefits.

Main advantages of the Digital Platform as cloud-based solution

Digital Platform Scalability


As a cloud-based solution, the Aphix Digital Platform provides your business with flexibility around growth-related needs. It allows you to add extra features and add-on solutions quickly, easily, and at a low cost.

Digital Platform Accessibility


Users can easily access and start using the different solutions that are available as part of the Aphix Digital Platform from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. That saves time, allows remote working, and adds flexibility to your business.

Digital Platform Security


Protecting business data is top priority for all companies. Likewise, our platform ensures that your data is stored, backed up and protected in a secure and safe environment, the Aphix Cloud.