SLA - Service level agreement

Service definition

Aphix Software offer a limited-service level target (SLT) to all customers who hold valid support arrangements. This document explains the support services we offer and the targets we set ourselves in providing that support service.

We offer the following services and resources as part of a support agreement:

  • Office hours telephone and email support services offered by Aphix Software
  • Share public cloud infrastructure to run the service subject to usage levels outlined in your licence agreement
  • Future Software Updates as outlined by our roadmap. (This excludes consultancy & training services, on-site visits of any kind, web design, data migration and any labour or 3rd party services that may be required from time to time to enable such a feature for a customer.)
  • A 'fair usage' total level of resources for support

Support services as part of the agreed resources:

  • Access to Helpdesk by
  • Standard support hours are 9am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday
  • UK & Ireland public holidays and company days e.g. non public holidays between St Stephen’s Day & New Year’s Day are excluded from standard support hours.
  • Support is limited to maximum usage levels as specified in your licence agreement and allocated on a fair usage basis including:
    • Analysis and response to reported problems and requests
    • Resolution of agreed issues
    • Telephone & email support
    • Remote telephone training
  • Provision of specialist application hosting infrastructure via our data centre partners
  • Regular (nightly) data backups

Support Priorities & Response Times

The table below explains the meaning of priority levels assigned to reported support issues.

Priority Description Typical Examples
Urgent The entire system is down/Servers are down.

Complete failure or unavailability of the

Aphix Cloud platform, systematic failure of the online ordering system of other key functions.

High Performance has become unacceptable, or a major function affecting many visitors or buyers is inoperative. Orders are going through but contain incorrect information/Pricing is incorrect.
Normal The main function of the system is operating normally, but a supporting feature has failed. Failure contact/registration forms, broken links, missing images, non-essential app functions, transient/intermittent issues relating to ordering or catalogue.
Low The system is operating normally, but the visual appearance is affected or a supporting feature has failed. Misspelling or grammar errors, graphic design and layout issues, minor omissions and errors in website or app content.

The table below outlines our targeted 1st, 2nd response times and reporting intervals to customer reported issues.

Priority 1st Response 2nd Response Notes / Reporting Interval
Urgent 1 working hour 2 working hours Response to include initial diagnosis of problem. Regular telephone and/or ticketing system follow up will be issued until problem has been resolved at intervals of no more than 1 working day following 2nd response.
High 2 working hours 4 working hours Response to include initial diagnosis of problem. Regular telephone and/or ticketing system follow up will be issued until problem has been resolved at intervals of no more than 1 working day following 2nd response.
Normal 4 working hours 1-2 working days Response to include initial diagnosis of problem. Regular telephone and/or message in ticketing system to follow up will be issued until problem has been resolved at regular intervals (e.g. every 1-3 days).
Low 8 working hours 3-5 working days Response will acknowledge problem and outline corrective action required.  Follow up communications will generally be based on committed milestones in the request or on customer request.

Please Note: The above are targets only and not contractual agreements. We are committed to delivering a high level of customer service and will make all reasonable efforts to deliver the response and completion times above. However, it should be noted that many of the issues involved may be difficult to troubleshoot, involve 3rd party systems outside of our control, unpredictable in their behaviour and unique by their nature. It must always be noted that should an issue arise as a result of any interface to a 3rd party system or connected ERP system then Aphix Software will not be held responsible for this issue.

Additionally, many of our customers may email support for practical reasons, rather than use our support platform's web form. As such, we don't always have a way of knowing how urgent a request is, if the web form was not used, in order to submit a ticket. Therefore, emailed tickets will automatically have a normal priority level assigned to them when triaging new support requests.


Should you not be happy with the response from the support team you may escalate the issue by asking to speak to the Technical Lead or if further escalation is by contacting your Account Manager who will assess the issue and report back to you promptly.

Out of Hours Support

Out of hours support is only provided by prior agreement and is subject to the availability of qualified resources to provide such support and the agreement of a fee per hour or part thereof. We reserve the right not to provide such a service should appropriate resources not be available.

Version Control

Aphix Software backup and keep all source files (software code) under strict version control. This allows us to manage and track changes and software releases effectively. We operate a regular backup schedule of all data under our control and backups are kept in a secure secondary location.

Backup of Live Data

Aphix Software do maintain periodic backups of data stored in our databases. Data Requests to restore data are generally not included within the support fee. Work required to restore data will be estimated for you and charged at our standard hourly rate e.g. you want to rollback your catalogue for your own reasons we would agree a charge and carry that out for you. An exception is recovery due to any system outage that is accepted as the responsibility of Aphix Software our infrastructure partners, in these cases will be provided the restoration of the last backup of data at no charge.

Validity of Cover/Warranty

Warranty is subject to your financial account with us being in good standing i.e. All invoices are settled within agreed terms. Additionally, the use of custom plugins and/or mods on your ERP/EDI system, as well as bespoke updates to your ERP/EDI setup is not covered by our SLA terms. Any such scenarios will result in customisations and extra development work having to be performed on the product you have ordered from us.

Limitation of Liability

We offer no financial remedies or compensation regardless as to the type, severity or cause of the problem(s) reported. The customer is encouraged to obtain third-party insurance or additional support cover to cover any potential losses or costs arising from the non-operation of the services, software or hardware provided or for non achievement of targets or estimates provided

Data Protection Legislation (GDPR Compliance)

In order to be GDPR compliant, we have entered into our agreement a condition that for us to be Compliant with new regulations about what processes we use for your data and what we are doing with our business to ensure your privacy.

We have included a new privacy section in the getting started that you can see below:

  • Data Protection Addendum
  • Sub-Processors
  • Cookie Policy