Our Mission

The Business-to-Business (B2B) digital environment is developing rapidly and Aphix is at the forefront of these developments. The complexity of B2B is widely held up as the principal reason that it has played catch-up on B2C in an eCommerce space.

Stock and catalogue management, sophisticated fulfilment systems, order volumes and varying pricing models between wholesalers and trade customers all combine to present a level of complexity that conventional eCommerce software struggles to handle.

At Aphix, we have developed our integrated suite of eCommerce and mobile ordering products, offering real-time integration to ERP and back-office systems plus connectivity to various digital marketplaces on one secure and robust platform.

Our mission is to help companies sell smarter using the Aphix Digital Platform.

Aphix Digital Platform

Aphix Offices at Boyne Tower

Our Background

In early 2012, we embarked on a journey to develop an eCommerce product deeply integrated with ERP systems. The goal was to provide real-time stock, pricing and account information, as well as real-time B2B ordering which resulted in our first product, Aphix WebShop. In 2014, we moved into the mobile application space with our first enterprise tablet application, Aphix SalesRep.

Fast forward to today, Aphix has a number of eCommerce, eProcurement, and Mobile App solutions that share the same trusted, reliable, real-time cloud system, real-time integration with your ERP system providing sales teams with up-to-date account information, order history, stock, pricing and real-time ordering capabilities from any device.

As the team and our valued customer base have grown, we have continuously released updated versions of our eCommerce, eProcurement, and SalesRep mobile app suites with great new features and improvements.

Our Leaders

The Aphix leaders are not just passionate about their respective roles, but also about helping their teams develop and grow into the best version of themselves.

Graham O'Rourke | CEO

Graham is passionate about helping companies implement strategies and platforms that can truly transform and drive growth.

Graham has over 20 years of experience in enterprise software and e-commerce. He has worked for FTSE 100 companies in the CRM, banking and telecommunications space.

Mark Reilly | CTO

Mark Reiley

Mark is the technical genius behind the Aphix Platform. His focus is on delivering value for our customers through a drive for innovation.

Mark is an award-winning developer, winning the Rising Star of the Year at the national Tech Excellence Awards and a past finalist in the Microsoft Developer App Awards.

Eleanor Walsh | Head of Sales

Eleanor Walsh

Eleanor is a sales-driven individual who is passionate about delivering amazing eCommerce solutions to new customers.

Eleanor throughout the past years has worked across new business sales, marketing and account management, and has learned that the opportunities of eCommerce are endless. 

Alex Keane | COO

Alex Keane

Alex is a great leader when it comes to all things operational with a proven track record and a lot of years of experience in his arsenal.

Alex's experience is in product development, operations, and process management from companies he's worked for such as the Revenue Commissioners, ACC Bank, and Armac.

The Aphix Team

The Aphix team's been growing fast over the past couple of years and the more it grows the more diverse and effective it becomes.

We believe passionately in people. We believe that great teams deliver great products and customer experiences. As a company, we invest in the talent and work hard to put you, the customer, at the centre of all we do. We love what we do and we think that shows! 

We are also supported and endorsed by Enterprise Ireland as an HPSU (High Potential Start-Up) and work closely with the business development company Boost Your Sales. 

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The Aphix team

Our Community

Tha Aphix community has been growing at a high speed and is expanding across the whole world.

Our Platform

The Aphix Digital Platform is a one-stop place with multiple digital ordering solutions that cover the full 360° ordering of your business operations.

Aphix eCommerce Solutions

Our eCommerce suite consists of multiple award-winning solutions created specifically for B2B, wholesale, manufacturing and distribution companies.

Our eCommerce solutions work across all devices, on mobile and tablet, are scalable, and allow your customers access real-time product and account information and place orders directly to your ERP 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Aphix eProcurement Solutions

Our eProcurement suite consists of multiple solutions that streamline and automate your business' procurement process and help you sell smarter online.

Our eProcurement solutions are easy to use, mobile-friendly. scalable, and help your company build a better customer experience by giving access to real-time information and ordering directly into your ERP 24/7, 365.

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Aphix Mobile App solutions

Our Mobile App suite consists of multiple solutions such as sales rep app, van sales app, and customer app that have been built specifically with your sales needs in mind.

Our Mobile App solutions work across mobile devices, on tablets or smartphones and allow your sales reps and customers to access account information and place order directly to your ERP 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Awards, Recognitions & Achievements

Aphix has won numerous awards over the years, from Start-Up of the year to our most recent Best B2B eCommerce award at the E-Commerce & Payment Awards in 2019.

  • eCommerce and Payments awards
  • 2015 Tech Excellence Awards
  • ICT Excellence Awards
  • CIO Outlook