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Webinar: Drive B2B Sales Rep Success using Sage

Webinar Event Date: Thursday, July 7th, 11 AM 2022 BST

Kevin Faulkner - Marketing Executive Written by Kevin Faulkner - Marketing Executive 29 Jun 2022 in Events

Webinar Event Date: Thursday, July 7th, 11 AM 2022 BST

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Hi and welcome to the webinar overview,

Having sales reps on the road comes with many challenges for business owners but also for the reps on the road themselves, getting access to key information to win a deal like stock levels a lot of the time involves phone calls back to the office and if your in a rural location you might not be lucky enough to have a decent signal let alone WIFI.

Getting information back to the office might not be any easier reps might be scribbling orders down on bits of paper and calling them in at the end of the day or updating a system when they eventually return to their home office meaning your internal systems data is never truly up to date.

Join me, Natasha Jones and Lyndsey Turner on the 7th of July at 11 AM and discover why it's essential to empower your sales rep on the road by giving them a window to your Sage system and a place to log orders on the go.

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In this session, we will cover:

  • The challenges Businesses and reps face
  • Common Problems the app solves
  • A customer success story
  • Sales Rep app product demo
  • Q&A

Looking forward to seeing you online,


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