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SalesRep: Saving Money Makes a Lot of Cents!

It is shocking but true that sales reps spend more time on administrative duties than actually selling! ...but it does not have to be this way!

Ever wonder about the amount of time sales reps spend actually selling?

Whether it be planning, travel or administrative duties, many factors hold reps back from getting their job done efficiently. The website conducted a study with a large group of sales reps.  The reasoning for this study was to investigate, retrieve and evaluate the data of how much time reps spend on various activities daily. In conclusion they discovered that reps spend more time on administrative duties than actually selling! 

Administrative duties in sales do not directly generate revenue, but are a necessary part of the job and must get done eventually. Some need to be done immediately, some can be done in a day or two, but none support the main priorities. They are essentially a requirement of the job when practicing traditional Sales techniques. 

salereps pie chart

These activities can be a huge time hog. On average they consume 10.7 hours per week, or approximately 23% of the time. What this shows is that sales reps spend an equal amount of time selling as administrative activities!  For employees across a broad spectrum of jobs, administration is biggest time consumers of their job.  In addition, Sales Reps are being unnecessarily held back by Order Processing & Service duties.

Introducing SalesRep - the newest member of your sales team!

At Aphix Software we have revolutionized the traditional sales process with our ERP integrated ordering app SalesRep.  In simple terms, SalesRep enables reps to manage their ordering cycle more efficiently. It includes digital order taking and management, back-end system integration, as well as valuable insights and analytics – ultimately leading to increased productivity, reduced order-to-cash cycle, and improved customer experience saving your business substantial time and money.


With SalesRep your sales team can avail of:
  • Access to real time pricing, orders, inventory and customer information;
  • Ability to place orders faster than ever, shortening the sales cycle, eliminating tedious paperwork duties and minimising mistakes;
  • Always having access to customer's profiles, account information and powerful tools to help them manage their daily, weekly and monthly tasks;
  • Access to Showcase your e-catalogue beautifully with compelling images and descriptions.
"SalesRep creates one unified system which saves time, money and cuts out any data duplication, the rep completes the whole order process in the shop with the customer. The fact that all the data is live we are saving substantial amounts of time in the sales process." - Paul McCarthy (Group Financial Controller) at McNulty’s Furniture

Lets look at this statistically

Study based on time spent by sales reps:
  • Administration time spent by a rep is 23% of their week 
  • Order Processing time is 12% of their week 
  • Service time is 10% of their week

Universal Selling time spent is just 22% of a sales reps week

Reps using Aphix Softwares SaleRep app can avail of the following time savings:
  • Administration time spent by a rep is 10% of their week (-13%)
  • Order Processing time is 6% of their week  (-6%)
  • Service time is 5% of their week (-5%)

SalesRep equiped reps Selling time weekly is a massive 46% of their week. This is (+24%) increase from the traditional technique!

SalesRep can double the the selling time for each of your sales reps. This will allow each rep the time to sell the amount it would traditionally take for two reps — talk about a fast ROI (return on investment)! 

Not only that, but the continuous feedback that we get from our users enables us to constantly add new features and release new versions. SalesRep just keeps getting better and better.

Think Smart and Start Saving Today!

SalesRep will help improve the overall sales performance by speeding up the ordering process. Allow our Award Winning software to introduce your sales force to the mobile age - empower them so that they can showcase your catalogue professionally, place real-time orders "on the go" and improve customer satisfaction by having all the information they need at their fingertips.