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Sage B2B eCommerce Integration

Aphix Software launch eCommerce WebShop for Sage 200.

ECommerce & Sage integration can be defined as the coordination between a business's customer facing eCommerce site and back office Sage ERP system. Professionally developed real-time integration will allow the bidirectional flow of key information between the two systems, this means the data only needs to be entered into the system once.

Aphix Software developed an award winning e-Commerce platform called WebShop, this product has the capabilities to integrate “real-time” with Sage ERP systems. Integrating your eCommerce and Sage system in “real-time” can eliminate costly challenges and turn your web store into a strategic and profitable business center. You will be able to increase the level of customer satisfaction and give your clients what they expect from an online shopping experience.

The following diagram displays how a business's data can be streamlined between the two systems after “real-time” integration from Aphix Software:


Highlighted below are the key benefits of integrating your Sage system with Aphix's WebShop eCommerce platform, and the many ways this adaption can improve your overall business process:

Avoid Duplicate Data Entry & Errors

With Sage & WebShop integration, orders placed on your customer facing website are automatically transferred directly into your Sage system in “real-time”, avoiding the need of  manual entry which can lead to human errors. Manually re-keying website & phone orders into Sage in high volume can naturally create the potential for employees to lose focus and key-in false data (human error). Aphix Software's Integration is consistent, efficient, on-time and mistake-free every single time!

Synchronize Customer Data and Inventory

As soon as a client submits an order online, inventory levels in your Sage system are automatically updated and processed live upon demand. The same action applies for customer accounts.  For example, if a client's address is updated on Sage it will also update on their WebShop account. Our real- time integration ensures all data is is synchronized live and up to date.  All relevant data that adds value to a business’s operations can be now available to both the client and business on demand, so it’s always available when needed.

Automation Savings

Integrating your eCommerce WebShop with your Sage system will enable a process where sales orders move seamlessly from your website to your warehouse for delivery, in seconds. Eliminating the time traditionally spent on phone orders and re-keying of data can result in a substantial reduction in labour and operational costs. Orders can now be picked, packed, and delivered at speed.

Improved Customer Service

Integrating your Sage system with our WebShop platform will provide a great opportunity to enhance customer service for your clients. WebShop provides a self-serve portal with account, order history and tracking information along with  intuitive design, rich content, and interactive functionality. These functionalities all accumulate and create an unmatched service to new and existing clients.

Step into the Future of Ordering Today!

Integrating WebShop with your Sage system will simplify how your business operates as a whole, whilst also delivering the comprehensive support of Sage business logic. Our award winning eCommerce platform WebShop is an “out-of-the-box” product that processes tens of millions of euro in orders annually.  WebShop is the fastest, reliable and most cost effective way of getting your ERP system integrated with your eCommerce site.

Our platform reduces the complexity traditionally associated with integration to an ERP system.  Customers can access their accounts online 24/7, place orders, access order history and view real time prices and stock levels. Now is the time to take that vital  step into the future, gain a strategic advantage over competitors while saving substantial time and money for your business.