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Real-time Integration - Increase Revenue and Reduce Costs

There are multiple elements involved in a successful eCommerce website, from SEO to a fully responsive website to key landing pages. If you have an ERP system and you have a successful eCommerce website then why not have both systems integrated?

Mark Reilly (CTO) Written by Mark Reilly (CTO) 16 Sep 2014 in eCommerce and ERP Integration

There are multiple elements involved in having a successful eCommerce website, from advanced Search Engine Optimization to a fully responsive website to key landing pages. If you have an efficient Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and you have a successful eCommerce website then why not have both systems integrated. Integrating both systems means all data will be manageable within one software package which in turn helps reduce costs and increase revenue.

Reduce Costs and Save Money

With your ERP system and your eCommerce website both working in sync in real-time, you will improve operational and financial efficiencies. Nearly all customer and employee interactions will consist of one or more of:

  1. Checking prices or stock
  2. Requesting product information
  3. Placing an order
  4. An order whereabouts
  5. Enquiring about account history
  6. Pay an invoice
Real Time Integration (2)

Consider the time and resources spent on these interactions, the keying and re-keying of information into different systems and the inevitable human errors that will occur. Real-time Integration eliminates these while effectively enhancing your customer service and increasing the self-service functionality as your customers will be able to do all of the above and more by logging into their account online from any internet-connected device.

Not only will you be providing efficient business processes, but you will also be saving money at the same time. Your employees will be able to focus on other business objectives such as acquiring new customers.

Increase Revenue - Retain Existing Customers

Real-time Integration offers real-time prices, live stock updates and immediate access to customer information. Your clients will no longer need to wait for the 7 customer and employee interactions, mentioned above, as they will have full access 24 /7 in real-time anytime anywhere. Such level of information available enhances your customer service which in turn increases business relationships. Fulfilling such needs will help retain existing customers.

Increase Revenue - New Customers and New Markets

The offering of real-time service is also a very attractive selling tool and will help acquire new customers. With less time spent on the customer and employee interactions, your employees will now have more time to focus on winning new customers. Existing customers display predictable online behaviours that can be leveraged to create content specific to those behaviours. Using that content to create web pages, casts a net for new traffic in search engines which will attract similar customers. As a business grows and you begin to attract business from new markets, it is imperative that you have a system in place that will handle the high volume of sales orders. Having a real-time integrated system allows you to keep data uniformly across all business systems on one single platform.

“We have signed up new trade customers, have gained entry to new markets and can now reach customers where our field reps could not.” Melanie McDonagh, Quality Tractor Parts.

Real-time Integration is something that needs to be considered in today's market. For more information on eCommerce, ERP and Real-time Integration please contact us today.