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Professional Digital Selling Tools

Many businesses in the manufacturing and distribution industry are still stuck using paper and outdated technology. Learn how mobile sales tools may be the answer to improved productivity and customer success.

Mark Reilly (CTO) Written by Mark Reilly (CTO) 7 Jul 2016 in B2B eCommerce

Many businesses in the manufacturing and distribution industry are still stuck using paper and outdated technology. This process adds up drastically leading to huge annual expense. In addition, many sales reps can lose prospects if they can’t find the right sales collateral to use. Paper brochures and flyers simply aren’t as effective as digital presentations that can be tailored to a specific prospect.

In today's market, its no excuse for sale reps to be using outdated assets, this makes the salesperson look unprofessional and unprepared to the prospective buyer.

Companies don’t have to continue working in this way. Product specifications and one sheets can be digitized so that sales reps can take sales information with them and easily present to prospects. In addition, sales reps can customize presentations and organize everything in one place. Analytics can help marketing determine what manufacturing content works best and which pieces of collateral the sales team is actually using. Mobile apps and tablets are becoming essential tools that salespeople will need to effectively compete. A mobile sales enablement tool brings it all together.

Benefits of Mobile Apps

The workforce is becoming increasingly mobile with many organizations shifting day-to-day business processes from paper forms to mobile apps. Companies are already realizing the benefits of using mobile apps for their operations. For sales, utilizing a mobile sales enablement tool can lead to the following benefits:

  • Have the most up-to-date sales collateral when you need it
  • Organize all sales collateral in different folders and utilize tags to further categorize materials
  • Access sales collateral even with limited to no connectivity
  • Tailor your presentations based on the prospect
  • Figure out what sales content is the most effective and which pieces the team is actually using

All these benefits come together to create better content that communicates the value of the product successfully and a better, more effective sales team that can lead to increased sales.

Mobile Sales Enablement Tools

The term, “mobile sales enablement” refers to an approach to helping sales representatives prepare for interactions with prospects and engage audiences by using mobile devices in order to close deals faster. A mobile sales enablement tool allows them to do that while also acting as a solution to bridge the content gap between sales and marketing. It’s crucial for sales reps to have the right information at the right time and using a mobile sales enablement tool will help make this happen. In addition, salespeople can use a mobile sales enablement tool as a central hub for all sales documents to live in. Salespeople can easily access everything that they need to sell a product and even tailor presentations based on the customer even with limited to no connectivity. By having digital collateral in a mobile sales app, manufacturing sales reps can better describe the solution’s value proposition and be more client-focused. One mobile sales enablement tool that salespeople can use is Game Plan, which will help mobilize the sales and marketing team.

It’s time to digitize all sales collateral, product specifications, and one sheets to move your company into the digital, mobile era. If you’re looking to improve your business processes, create better content, boost your sales team, and increase sales, you should really look into implementing a mobile sales enablement solution.

Utilizing Mobile To Improve Manufacturing Sales Enablement

Manufacturers, do you know if your sales reps are actually using your content? It's estimated that 90% of marketing deliverables are not used by sales. It's a huge problem that is wasting the efforts of marketing and sales teams across industries.

How can manufacturers combat this issue and other pain points in their sales cycle, all while staying afloat in such a competitive industry? They need the right tools and the right content. Here are some charateristics and ways a mobile sales enablement solution can help.

Unlimited dynamic categories

Group your products into product categories and subcategories. Segment your products further using business filters such as stock levels, price levels, and valid-through dates.

Multiple catalogs

Maintain different catalogs for different seasons, currencies, and markets; provide your sales reps with a different catalog than your B2B customers will use on your storefront.

Hi-res presentation

Showcase your products with high resolution images, including retina display, and bring your product to life.

Multiple view options

Show up to six hi-res pictures per product, in a variety of views, from different angles and in various colors and settings

Fully Customizable

Configure your catalog presentation with smart search and filter options, customer fields, and look and feel to match your brand and your way of doing business.

PDF attachments and video links

Reps clinch deals by presenting marketing collateral such as videos, instructions and how-to demos that promote your brand.

High resolution

High-res images enable drilling down to the texture of a product, bringing your products to life.

Multiple views

Multiple view options, including thumbnails, filmstrip, and single product view with book-like flip, provide a memorable product experience.


Product spec brochures can be attached to every item in your e-catalog, providing your customers all the information they need to make a buying decision.


Use marketing videos in your e-catalog to showcase how your key products can be used or worn, and leave little for the imagination.