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Beta group kicks off the launch of the SalesRep App

Aphix Software announces a beta customer group has been established to kick off the launch of the SalesRep App for mobile order taking.

Mark Reilly (CTO) Written by Mark Reilly (CTO) 25 Jul 2014 in Sales Rep App Solution

Since we began developing Intact WebShop the talk was always to develop a suite of digital products that connect to our secure cloud platform and integrate in real-time with your Intact software. In line with that vision and due to the market demand, the last few months have seen the release of our latest digital product, Intact SalesRep App. ERP integrated Sales Rep App

Developed with the mobile Sales Rep in mind...

We developed the Intact SalesRep App with one goal in mind: To make life easy for your mobile sales force. We developed the app such that a sales rep can:

  • quickly and conveniently showcase their catalogue with images and descriptions,
  • get instant real-time access to account information,
  • have a customers order history at their fingertips,
  • easily compile an order,
  • and send order confirmation emails to their customers.

...and all of this whilst submitting the order real-time back to Intact ERP software with just a few simple taps and clicks.

WebShop Customers First to Market with SalesRep App

We were delighted that two existing WebShop clients, Dental Medical Ireland and Irish Creative Stamping, were keen to be involved in a Beta Group trial of the app.

Pat O'Brien, Managing Director of DMI who was particularly impressed with App, said, "the SalesRep App is really great. It is easy to navigate through, place orders and ultimately it is going to save them so much time!".

John Cunningham, Business Owner of Irish Creative Stamping, was really excited about the Rep App.

"It is absolutely brilliant with so much information at your fingertips!". John has already talked about going to Toy Fairs in Germany and how it will greatly improve his sales order process, "normally we would generate spreadsheets and files and bring them with us, but now we have everything at our fingertips on the sales Rep App".