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B2B eCommerce for Intact Software

Aphix Software is a Technology Partner and supplier of the leading B2B eCommerce solution for Intact Software.

Mark Reilly (CTO) Written by Mark Reilly (CTO) 15 Dec 2016 in Intact Integrated eCommerce

Aphix Software is proud to be long standing partners with Intact Software. In early 2012, Aphix embarked on a revolutionary journey with Intact to develop and design an eCommerce platform capable of deeply integrating in real-time with Intact Software’s ERP systems. The overall goal was to create one unified online ordering system where clients have access to real-time stock, pricing and account information.

Aphix Software include some of the world's most experienced professionals in integrated eCommerce solutions, as a result, the development of an award winning product called WebShop emerged. Aphix WebShop streamlines ordering operations for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors who want to adapt to the digital age, expand customer reach and grow business overall.

To date, we have successfully delivered over 100 Intact customers to the cloud helping them to become more efficient & scale their businesses. Webshop is the only certified eCommerce platform for Intact, resulting in the leading eCommerce solution for B2B business in Ireland, UK and across Europe!

The following diagram displays the types of data streamlined between the two systems after “real-time” integration with Aphix Software:

Below we have highlighted some of the key benefits WebShop & Intact integration can offer your business:


Integrating your Intact ERP system with WebShop will create a process allowing sales orders to move seamlessly from your eCommerce site straight to your warehouse for delivery. This eliminates the time traditionally spent on recording orders over the phone & then re-keying the data in your Intact system. Our process results in a substantial reduction in labour and operational costs. Orders can be processed on-demand and therefore delivered at speed.

Avoid Duplicate Data Entry & Errors

Orders placed on your customer facing website are automatically updated into your Intact system in “real-time”. This avoids the need of manual entry which can lead to human errors. Aphix Software's integration is consistent, efficient, on-time and mistake-free every single time!

Measure Your Success

The WebShop platform allows your business to run comprehensive analytic campaigns. By using WebShop, businesses can easily measure and evaluate marketing campaigns, sales effectiveness and customer engagement.

Customer Experience

Integrating WebShop with your Intact system will provide B2B business with a great opportunity to enhance customer service. WebShop provides a self-serve portal with a detailed account dashboard, order history and order tracking information along with intuitive design, rich content, and interactive functionality.

The Opportunity to Expand

WebShop can completely streamline how your business operates as a whole. This allows your business to grow and scale to meet market demand and customer needs by developing and utilising new sales channels. WebShop will unlock the opportunity to sell not just in your local region but now far beyond! Leveraging WebShop to expand your company reach means your business and your revenues can continue to grow.

Step into the Future of Ordering Today!

Integrating your Intact system in real-time WebShop provides substantial efficiencies for B2B organisations. Our award winning integration unlocks the power of your Intact system out to the cloud.

Now is the time to take that vital step into the future, gain a strategic advantage over competitors while saving substantial time and money for your business.