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Brexit & ERP Integrated eCommerce

How do customers with SaaS solutions on ERP integrated eCommerce platforms prepare for Brexit.

Lyndsey Turner (Marketing Executive) Written by Lyndsey Turner (Marketing Executive) 23 Dec 2020 in Aphix Updates


This January 1st 2021 sees new rules and regulations come into effect for businesses who ship goods to and from the United Kingdom as a direct result of Brexit, which saw the UK officially leave the EU on January 31st, 2020.

Along with new regulations there will be new VAT and custom duty charges for those businesses and their customers who are affected.

It’s very hard for businesses to know exactly how to prepare for Brexit and amidst a pandemic too!

So what exactly does this mean for eCommerce? And in particular customers on the Aphix Digital Platform who have eCommerce and mobile sales apps that are integrated in real-time with their ERP systems?

The benefit of being on an integrated solution, with pricing and tax data coming directly from your ERP system live to your WebShop or apps, means that you don’t have to replicate any changes you make to your pricing in the ERP system, on your Aphix products. 

Once you make the changes you need in the ERP system this will be a live change on your Aphix product too. Customers with multiple solutions on the Aphix platform, still only need to update their ERP. 

We recommend speaking with your ERP partner too to make sure you are equipped with the tools to make the necessary changes you need to.

You may need to display price changes more prominently to your customers. The information around this is yet to be communicated so there is still uncertainty here. Aphix will be monitoring the situation closely and will notify all customers in advance of any changes needed.

Being part of a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform means no customer is left behind. Everyone is on the same version of the software and everyone gets all the relevant upgrades and fixes as they are applied. Any relevant updates to the platform that are needed will be applied and customers notified of these changes.

If you have set up a UK and EU based company as part of your Brexit strategy, it may make more sense to separate your online business into two separate sites. 

Again being on the Aphix platform makes it much easier to launch a second webshop or other digital sales solutions than it would a brand new project. 

You would be able to take advantage of the same real-time integration your ERP already has with our platform and launch the solutions you need very smoothly. Please talk to us if you think this will be a need for you and we would be happy to advise and help here. 

Aphix are keeping a close eye, as many of you are, on all things Brexit and how it will affect your business and ours. A lot of the changes Aphix customers need to make is on their ERP system which will be instantly reflected on their eCommerce and app solutions with Aphix. 

Again we recommend you speak with your ERP partner to make sure you are equipped to make any changes needed there.

There are still a lot of unknowns. But please be assured that any changes we need to make on the platform will be communicated with customers in advance and please come talk to us should you need any help or guidance on this.