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Webinar: Empower Customers with an Ordering App Driven by your ERP

Event Date: Wed, May 13th, 2020 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM BST

Kevin Faulkner - Marketing Executive Written by Kevin Faulkner - Marketing Executive 30 Apr 2020 in Events

Aphix Webinar Series 2020 — #3. Empower Customers with an Ordering App Driven by your ERP!

There's very little we don’t do from our mobile phones nowadays and B2B sales shouldn't be any different.

A branded customer ordering app (integrated in real-time with your ERP) will enhance your brand, improve customer experience and make ordering from your business extremely simple.

The app takes the responsibility of manually re-keying error-free orders out of your hands and places it in the hands of your customers too!

On top of that, it opens up an out-of-hours sales channel for your business by allowing customers to place orders directly into their account in your ERP.

If you are on SAP, Sage, or Intact ERPs then by integrating your system with the Aphix Digital Platform your business will be accessible to your customers 24/7, 365, bringing customer autonomy and sales automation to your business.

Customers will be able to place orders in real-time directly into your ERP system as well as access real-time product information, customer-specific pricing, stock availability, and much more.

In this live session, we will give real-life examples, demonstrate the solution, and show how quick and easy it is to implement a customer solution when you base it on your ERP.

The webinar will close with a Q&A session where we will answer your questions (which is always the best part).

Presenters: Graham O'Rourke, Aphix CEO, and Eleanor Walsh, Aphix Head of Sales will be your hosts once again.

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Why you should attend this webinar?

  • See the Aphix PocketShop solution in action
  • Learn how other companies have overcome sales challenges using real-time integrated customer app
  • Find out the benefits an integrated customer ordering app can bring to your business
  • Ask the experts direct questions related to your current business challenges

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