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Benefits of e-Catalogues for Reps

Read about some of the benefits of digital e-Catalogues for Field Sales Reps

product-icons-appHaving a printed catalogue is a great way for potential B2C & B2B customers to see what your sales reps offer in an organised fashion. But in today’s digital world all businesses who hope to succeed in the market are leaving traditional print catalogues in the past and focusing more on integrating all of their listings and ordering digitally with e-catalogues.

Here are some benefits your business can instantly avail of by providing your sales reps with an e-catalogue:

1. Professionalism

When you have a sales team all using e-catalogues with clients you create a dynamic, professional impression with your customers. It shows that you are well-organized, forward-looking and interested in having the most up-to-date data to support your customers.  This will instil confidence and trust in your company from customers.

2. Real-Time Updates

An up-to-date catalogue is of the utmost importance when dealing with customers on a regular basis. Our software ensures that product updates from your companies back-office systems to our SalesRep catalogue can be performed quickly and with ease. Not only is the production of a printed catalogue expensive and time-consuming - it is instantly out of date!

Our SalesRep App catalogue is updated at the touch of a button!

3. Efficiency

An integrated App-based e-catalogue like SalesRep allows customers to view your products and place the order there and then – no need to make phone calls, fill out order forms or waste time with email.

This saves you, your sales team, your back office staff and your customers time and money!  Also when your reps can answer billing queries there and then without calling back to the office - you'll get paid faster too!

4. Accurate Orders

Using an e-catalogue can help you take more accurate orders from customers. Paper-based systems are often compiled away from the customers gaze. Let the customer see and even complete the order with you and sign on screen to approve it instantly! Reduce misunderstandings on which products are ordered, what stock is in place and avoid expensive returns at the same time.

Other e-catalogue benefits of SalesRep include :

  • Build customer loyalty by having critical customer data at your fingertips
  • Quickly and conveniently showcase your catalogue with compelling images and descriptions
  • Reduce duplicate data entry and increase workflow efficiency
  • Cloud storage of data
  • Substantial cost reductions for data processing operations
  • Link and up-sell products to clients
  • Easily edit and modify products
  • Improved reliability, updating and relevance of product data in circulation
Allow our award-winning software to introduce your sales force to the mobile age - empower them so that they can showcase your catalogue professionally, place real-time orders "on the go" and improve customer satisfaction by having all the information they need at their fingertips.