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Aphix presenting at UKISUG SAP Business One Event

This event takes place on Tuesday, 10th of March 2020.

Alex E. Pjetra (Product Marketing Executive) Written by Alex E. Pjetra (Product Marketing Executive) 13 Feb 2020 in Events

The Digital Platform for SAP Business One

Aphix Software is attending a great industry event for SAP Business One users at Saddleback.

The event is taking place on Tuesday 10th March 2020, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Saddleback. Unit 12 Apollo Park, Armstrong Way, Yate, BS37 5AH, United Kingdom.

This event is a fantastic opportunity for SAP Business One users to learn about integrated eCommerce and mobile app solutions and how their business can benefit from having one.

Register for the event here:

Why you should attend this SAP Business One event?

There are many reasons and great benefits that you can avail of by attending this event.

We have listed below the main reasons why we strongly believe that this event is a great opportunity for SAP Business One users.

  • Fantastic opportunity to find integrated solutions for your business
  • Hear and learn from industry experts about Integrated eCommerce & Mobile Apps solutions
  • See in action the Aphix Integrated Mobile Apps for SAP Business One
  • Find out about the benefits of integrated solutions for your business

Register for the event here:

Integrated eCommerce & Mobile Apps solutions for SAP Business One

Aphix CEO, Graham O'Rourke, will be speaking about integrated Mobile Apps for SAP Business One and will also give a hands-on demo for all attendees. 

In this demo, you will be able to see the Aphix Integrated Mobile Apps for SAP Business One in action. This means that you will be able to view a branded app that works online and offline, a whole digital catalogue, live product information, stock availability, and place orders directly in SAP Business One in a few simple taps. 

  • Aphix provides the leading Digital Platform for Integrated eCommerce and Mobile Apps for SAP Business One. Graham will be focusing on how to use Mobile Apps (online & offline) for real-time ordering into SAP Business One.
  • All attendees will be able to download a special UKISUG branded app and be able to interact as part of the session, looking at how you can use Mobile Apps for real-time ordering, viewing product catalogues with live information and stock availability. 
  • Attendees will have the chance to use PocketShop, the Aphix Mobile App, to place orders directly into Business One and see it happening in real-time.
  • Aphix CEO will discuss the business benefits of being able to interact with your SAP Business One system via mobile devices and work in both online and offline modes.

During the event, there will be time allocated for an open discussion with the experts. This will provide attendees with the opportunity to ask any questions they may wish to related to either how their business can benefit from using an integrated mobile app or discuss the topics that were covered earlier in the day.

Register for the event here:

Some of the benefits of the Integrated Mobile Apps:

The Aphix Integrated Mobile Apps offer many great benefits to SAP Business One users and some of them are listed below:

  • Easy and efficient customer ordering
  • Customers can easily order 24/7, 365 into your business from anywhere
  • Customers can view your whole digital catalogue with live product information and stock availability
  • Marketing & communication opportunities
  • Better customer service and omnichannel approach
  • Save time and money while also eliminating errors by minimising manual order processing

These are just some of the benefits Aphix customers enjoy by using our Integrated Mobile App solutions for SAP Business One.

For more information on Integrated Mobile Apps, please view our PocketShop App page.

If you are unable to attend this event but you still wish to view our Integrated Mobile Apps, please feel free to book a time that suits you and will be more than glad to schedule a demo for you.

Register for the event here: