Why Aphix?

To be successful online it is imperative that you have an efficient business software system in place. Have you an existing Intact system that currently works for you for offline sales? Then why not have a similar system for your online sales? And more importantly, why not have an integrated system that works in sync with both offline and online data. By integrating your Intact system and your eCommerce site you will improve operational efficiencies. And vice versa, failure to integrate systems will result in headaches and inefficiency in your operational procedures.

Reduce Data Duplication and Minimise Mistakes

First off, an integrated solution will mean that there will be no need for data duplication between systems not in sync. Also with duplicating data there is also the potential for human error in data re-entry. Therefore an integrated solution will have far less risk and mistakes associated with it. Incorrect data entry will lead to confusing and questioning on which system is correct. Integrating the systems will reduce all this operational inefficiencies

Timing Errors

When two systems are not working in tandem with each other there is the high potential for timing errors between each individual order. For an order received online to be transferred to the ERP system manual input will be required. Therefore orders may be delayed in transferring between systems and as result you could end up with a dissatisfied customer.

Better Utilisation of Employee Time

All this transferring of data, duplication of data and working between systems means that more employee time and costs are being spent on orders. An integrated Intact WebShop solution cuts out tedious data re-entry tasks and resolving of errors which will allow employees to focus on more meaningful business duties.

Increase Self Service Functionality

With the high level of Mobile Optimization and Real Time Integration that Intact WebShop brings, your customers will now be able to view individual specific pricing, stock availability and all their account details at any time and on any desktop, smartphone or tablet. Simultaneous to increasing your customers experience you will also be reducing your operational costs.

Easy Customer Access to Account Data

An integrated Intact WebShop solution allows you to provide customers with access to their live account information. The customers can access their accounts online 24/7 which also means they can view their account information without contacting you directly. Information on their order history, their invoices, their real time price and the real time stock available to them can all be checked online.

Infrastructure to Manage Growth

Be prepared for the future growth of your business. As higher volumes of orders come in and your customer base grows it is important that you have a familiar and easy to manage process in place to cope. Intact WebShop is designed to cope with this large scale volume.