Why Aphix eCommerce for SAP Business ByDesign?

Aphix provides a state of the art and award-winning eCommerce platform that integrates in real-time with SAP Business ByDesign and offers many great benefits

SAP Business ByDesign users will be able to enjoy a maximised degree of automation in online ordering processes that will streamline their business and reduce complexity and costs while increasing revenue.

Unlike other eCommerce providers who focus on many business solutions, Aphix has designed and built the Aphix Digital Platform with only one goal in mind; to help companies sell smarter. This is what we focus on, specialise in, and are extremely good at.

Reasons to choose Aphix eCommerce for SAP Business ByDesign:

  • Seamless real-time integration of Aphix eCommerce and SAP Business ByDesign
  • Omni-channel sales e.g. web, mobile apps and more...
  • Mobile-first optimisation for content and SEO.
  • We integrate with powerful marketing, SEO & analytics tools that you know and love.
  • Provide a complete service from Strategy to Design to Integration to SEO with ongoing digital marketing and support.
  • Our content management tools are flexible and easy to use.
  • Aphix Cloud is a Secure platform (regularly and independently tested!).
  • We offer Fast Deployment with NO hidden costs
  • You can provide customer self-service 24/7, 365.
  • An evolving product road-map. As a SaaS platform, we’re always adding more features and keeping you up to date.

Aphix Software is a certified SAP Silver Partner



Key Benefits of Aphix eCommerce for SAP ByDesign

Achieve seamless integration of your SAP ByDesign and Aphix eCommerce.

Streamline your business with a Supplier Portal

Streamline Business Processes

Automating your purchase-to-pay process as well as other crucial ordering operations of your business while reducing complexity is key when it comes to growth, and that’s exactly what you get with Aphix eCommerce.


Scale your business

Scale as you Grow

Aphix provides your business with a lot of flexibility when it comes to scalability and offers solutions that allow you to scale quickly. You can cherry-pick extra features or add-on solutions to quickly meet all your business needs.


Automate your eCommerce

Automate your eCommerce

Maximise your eCommerce process using SAP ByDesign to have maximum impact on satisfying customers. Aphix eCommerce does all the hard work for you, so you can just focus on other important sides of your business


Improve Customer Experience

Improve Customer Experience

With Aphix eCommerce, your customers not only can they order directly into your business 24/7, 365, but they can also get access to their online account information and retrieve statements, order history, invoices, and much more.

Reach New Markets

Reach New Markets

Easily list and sell your products online 24/7,365 across all major marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and in different currencies, languages, locations and time zones.


Reduce Workload

Reduce Workload

The days where you had to maintain and manage multiple systems and prevented you from scaling your business are long gone. With Aphix eCommerce you only have to maintain one software, your SAP ByDesign system.

Our SAP Integrations

The Aphix Digital Platform fully integrates with:




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Get more than just an eCommerce solution for SAP ByDesign

Aphix eCommerce and SAP Business ByDesign allow you to always be ahead of the competition, especially when it comes to online sales and business automation. You’ll be able to reach new markets and sell to global audiences 24/7,365 days a year in a matter of days. With Aphix, you don’t get just an eCommerce solution, you get a lifetime business partner. As your business grows and your needs increase, you can find and choose solutions from a range of different products such as: