WebShop proves the perfect B2B eCommerce solution

Quality Tractor Parts (QTP) needed a digital partner to help it reach new markets and deliver better service to its existing customers. In Aphix WebShop, it found the perfect B2B eCommerce solution.

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Much improved customer experience

QTP better serve existing customers and reach

new customers through its online portal. 

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Noticeable increase in sales

Online sales quickly accounted for 15% of QTP's 

revenue following the WebShop launch.

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The Background

Quality Tractor Parts (QTP) is a wholesaler of replacement parts and accessories for a wide range of modern, classic and vintage tractors.

The company supplies to trade customers only and has a customer base of over 1,000 retailers and dealers spread across Ireland, UK and Europe.

Prior to the digital transformation and B2B eCommerce journey, QTP's sales strategy focused on its Irish, European and Worldwide telesales teams along with two field sales representatives travelling around Europe.

The Challenge

By applying this strategy QTP was restricted from selling parts to customers in different time zones and was dependent on its telesales team to provide pricing and stock information.

QTP was aware of the need to expand its service and product offerings. Similar to what its competitors were doing, the company needed a B2B eCommerce website. This would allow the company to reach customers that its field representatives could not. It would also provide those customers with an updated catalogue with stock and pricing information. Previously QTP was dependent on printed catalogues which proved costly to print — and became outdated almost instantly.

In early 2013 QTP embarked on a new business venture - to begin trading online with a B2B eCommerce website.

A customer of Intact's ERP system, QTP needed a solution whereby its online eCommerce site was integrated with its current Intact Software ERP system. This reduced timing errors between orders placed online and dispatch time, reduced data errors and duplication and better utilised employee time.

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The Aphix B2B eCommerce Solution

Aphix's WebShop B2B eCommerce solution was the perfect fit to aid QTP's digital transformation. For QTP, WebShop proved to be the best solution pricewise, while real-time ERP integration was a major deciding factor in its purchasing decision.

Chief among the features that QTP value about WebShop are the advanced search functionality, which allows customers to search by part number, description or OE reference number, the ability to display related products alongside its WebShop inventory and the ease with which its customers can view and manage their account information online.

Since embarking on its B2B eCommerce journey with Aphix, QTP has grown its client base and seen a rise in trade, with online sales quickly accounting for more than 15% of its revenue.

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The Aphix way: Tried and proven implementation process. From Concept to Completion.

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