Reduced Admin, Increased Efficiency

By implementing a B2B eCommerce solution and the SalesRep app from Aphix, Irish Creative Stamping have dramatically changed how they do business, reducing admin by half and increasing overall efficiency in the company by an estimated 30%.

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Better Customer Ordering

Customers have access to live product, stock and pricing information 24/7

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Sales Rep Ordering Transformed

Reps no longer need to carry around huge briefcases of catalogues and now place orders directly into Intact on the go

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The Background

Irish Creative Stamping Ltd, was established over 25 years ago. They are a B2B distribution company based in Leixlip, Ireland. They sell a range of quality toys and gifts to independent retailers throughout Ireland.

"The combination of our WebShop and the SalesRep app has cut admin by 50% and made our company 30% more efficient. It was a substantial investment that has more than paid for itself. I would have no hesitations in recommending the Aphix platform to others and have done so many times."

John Cunningham - Director, Irish Creative Stamping

The Challenge They Faced

Irish Creative Stamping needed to drastically change how they took and processed orders. All customer orders were taken over the phone, by email or via their sales reps out on the road. These orders then needed to be manually inputted into their ERP system, Intact, which managed their inventory and customer accounts.

This was very time consuming with constant calls and emails back and forth checking stock levels and customer-specific pricing. Reps also had to wheel huge suitcases with multiple product catalogues from various suppliers, including products they didn’t even stock, around with them. The whole process led to a lot of errors.

They had tried an alternative online ordering platform but it was not very user friendly. They needed solutions for customers to self-serve online and for their mobile sales force too. But more than anything they needed to cut down on these resource-intensive manual processes.

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The Solution They Needed

Irish Creative Stamping approached their ERP provider Intact Software who recommended Aphix. Once they integrated their Intact system to the Aphix Digital Platform they were able to launch both a B2B eCommerce Solution and the SalesRep app shortly after.

Having live-stock information when a customer is either ordering online themselves or with the rep is a game-changer for Creative Stamping. Now a customer can see live stock levels, alternative items, customer-specific pricing and stock levels or place backorders for an item that will soon be in stock. There is no reason for them to not order.

The real-time integration with Intact means product details, pricing and stock levels are live on both the online shop and the SalesRep apps. Orders are placed directly into the customer’s account in Intact and ready for picking and shipping the same day.

For the sales reps particularly it was a major change. But one they welcomed with open arms. It made their lives a lot easier. Overall implementing both the WebShop and the SalesRep products has cut down admin by 50% and made the running of the company approximately 30% more efficient for Irish Creative Stamping.

The Aphix way: Tried and proven implementation process. From Concept to Completion.

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