Fast & efficient order completion

The Aphix Salesrep App has improved Abcon's sales performance by speeding up the ordering process. Sales reps can access product catalogues in real-time, create orders, generate quotes and negotiate on price, whilst face-to-face with customers.

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Increased Turnover

Abcon had a 10% increase in

domestic turnover.

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Catalogue Management

The Aphix SalesRep App allows

direct product catalogue sync.


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The Background

Abcon is an abrasives manufacturer who is part of PSB Industrial Products Ltd Group. They are owned and managed locally and are members of the Irish export association. The company is the only Abrasive Belts and Discs Manufacturer and is also the only Large Bore Hose Manufacturer in Ireland.

Since 2005 the company has grown from just 13 employees to 138 currently and their goal is to employ over 150 people by the end of 2019 in order to service a wider Global Market.

Their customer-focused approach across all divisions of the company combined with a progressive and responsible attitude to business has been the catalyst behind their drive to becoming a global supplier.

The Challenge They Faced

Abcon needed a digital ordering solution for sales reps that would easily integrate with the companies ERP system. Their existing ordering process was very manual-based, outdated and was becoming unmanageable due to the increasing volume of orders. Not being able to place orders directly into the ERP system resulted in much time spent on the phone relaying the orders back to administrators who would then manually re-key the orders into the ERP system.

Abcon could clearly see the benefits of an integrated sales rep ordering solution and how it could streamline their ordering process, increase efficiency, reduce errors and save time by giving reps the tool to place orders digitally while out with customers.

After unsuccessfully searching the market for a solution, Abcon spoke to their ERP provider Intact Software who recommended the Aphix Software SalesRep app. The app tightly integrates with Intact iQ in real-time and Aphix had the knowledge and experience within the B2B eCommerce market to deliver a tailored solution.




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Aphix's B2B eCommerce Solution


Abcon Industrial ultimately introduced the Aphix SalesRep app to their business. The app can be used both online and offline and through the app, sales reps can now connect in real-time to the Intact iQ ERP system. They can now place orders directly from their mobile devices which speeds up the ordering process and has improved the customer experience overall.


The Abcon reps have live access to the product, pricing and catalogue information plus customer account information which enables them to negotiate prices face-to-face with the customer while simultaneously processing the order.


The app has resulted in greater customer satisfaction by reducing the amount of ordering errors, given the reps much more confidence and greatly reduced the companies same day dispatch times.

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The Aphix way: Tried and proven implementation process. From Concept to Completion.

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