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Welcome to Experlogix Julie Knowles!

We’re delighted to welcome Julie Knowles to the Experlogix team. She joins us as Partner Manager for UK and Ireland.

Kevin Faulkner - Marketing Executive Written by Kevin Faulkner - Marketing Executive 6 Nov 2023 in News

Introducing Julie Knowles, who joins our team as Experlogix Partner Manager, a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the ERP industry.

Her comprehensive knowledge encompasses everything from implementation and design to sales and management. There is no aspect of ERP that she does not understand, making her an invaluable asset to our partners seeking guidance in meeting their customers' online ordering needs.

Having witnessed firsthand testimonials praising the excellence of Aphix (now Experlogix Digital Commerce), she is passionate about leveraging those benefits to create new opportunities for collaboration with new and existing partners and their ERP end users.

Julie's journey in the industry has been marked by some notable achievements, including successfully guiding a rapidly growing desert manufacturer through the challenging process of digitization.

On this project she had to overcome some major obstacles such as transitioning a paper-based operation to a digital platform on the factory floor. Julie excelled in bridging the gap between traditional practices and innovative technology, a testament to her innovative approach and determination. The project was an enormous success.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Julie (who owns a giant schnauzer called Otis) has an infectious zest for life that extends to her diverse interests. A fan of horseracing, she finds joy in the electrifying atmosphere of the racecourse and regularly participates in car club events, revelling in the roar of powerful engines. In fact, Julie, and her husband are both car enthusiasts who enjoy the fruits of their labour with a Porsche and a Maserati, respectively.

Julie's passion for exploring the world has taken her to 78 countries, allowing her to immerse herself in diverse cultures and cuisines. She enjoys savouring exquisite dishes like a most unforgettable burger that she had in Barbados and some delightful Peruvian food which she also highlights as a standout cuisine.

Julie who is a firm believer in embracing life to the fullest, has been diligently ticking off items from her bucket list. She has already achieved riding the legendary Flying Scotsman, attending Glastonbury, pulling a pint, owning a racehorse, attending the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and she has even played with whales in their natural habitat. Her adventurous spirit and determination are evident in both her professional and personal pursuits, making her a remarkable individual and a valuable partner in the world of ERP and ecommerce.

We encourage our partners to reach out and join forces with Julie to unlock endless possibilities for them and their client's business.