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Welcome to Aphix Hannah!

We’re delighted to welcome Hannah Richardson to the Aphix Software implementation team. She joins us as the newest Implementation Consultant in our UK branch.

Kevin Faulkner - Marketing Executive Written by Kevin Faulkner - Marketing Executive 14 Apr 2021 in News

Hannah's based near Norwich and brings a vast amount of software experience to our team.

She's an experienced Project Manager with her implementation of ERP software and has spent many years implementing Intact iQ (one of our preferred ERPs to integrate with).

Her knowledge and experience will be extremely important to Aphix as we continue to grow our customer base in the UK.

Hannah described how she joined Aphix as she wanted a change in her career after implementing ERPs and databases for many years.

She was looking to work for a growing tech company that offered something new to the market, to ERP and to eCommerce, Aphix perfectly fitted that profile.

Hannah said "Having implemented ERP systems for many years at Ramtac, Intact Software and Merlin Business Software, I was interested in looking at other technologies and in particular the ones that integrated with the ERP itself.

I came across Aphix and I liked how they didn't focus on one direction with regards to integrating with the ERP, they also looked outwardly to global marketplaces, apps and add-ons.

It struck me as a unique platform to anything I had seen in the market and I immediately knew how rewarding it would be to implement a full 360-degree solution for wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and retailers."

Hannah is a huge fan of music who confessed she loves going to see live bands, especially those of the rock variety.

Hannah Richardson

She loves to travel and her latest trip took her off the beaten track in Mexico to San Miguel de Allende, which she quotes as one of her favourite places in the world. She's also said she would love to travel to L.A in the not too distant future.

An avid Netflix and Disney+ watcher, Hannah considers Star Wars and the Mandalorian among her favourites.

She told us her favourite Star Wars movie is Return of the Jedi because she loves the Ewoks, and who would disagree!

On first impressions, we're really looking forward to working with Hannah for many years to come.

Welcome to the team!