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WebShop: Newest Features and Latest Software Upgrade

Following on from the success of the our last release in April, we are delighted to announce the latest release of new features and software upgrades.

Mark Reilly (CTO) Written by Mark Reilly (CTO) 17 Sep 2014 in News

Following on from the success of the last release, we are delighted to announce the latest release of new features and software upgrades. Again, with your feedback and our skills, we aim to help and improve your customer's user and buying experience. Below is a list of the latest release;

Trade Login Controls

Trade accounts now have multiple logins for the one Intact software account. Each of these accounts is also equipped with defined controls for access to Credit Limits, Order History and Statements allowing for individual logins with different permissions.

Password Management

Trade and Consumer accounts now have control over resetting their password. Lost or forgotten passwords can be securely reset using the new forgot password facility

Intelligent Delivery Address Mapping

We now scan a customer's delivery address to map country fields to Address Line 5. No matter what field a customer's country is placed in, the WebShop will pick it up and automatically select the appropriate field in the country dropdown.

Quantity Field in Add to Cart

To improve the speed of your customer's buying experience we have now added the functionality to select the quantity of the required product before adding that product to the cart.

Option to Add to Cart from Listing Page

WebShop can now be configured to allow customers to add items to their cart from a product listing page without navigating away from the listing page.

Improved Searching Speed

We've improved our search facility to cater for much larger data sets to allow for 10s of thousands of products in hundreds of thousands of category combinations. All search results are now faster.

Custom Intact Fields

The WebShop can now be customised to use custom fields within Intact for example for additional product information or custom stock allocations.

Pack Size Support

WebShop can now automatically display products in Pack Sizes for products which are priced individually but must be sold in a pack size of x.

Reduced Loading times of large orders

With the latest Intact update, but for larger orders of 10+ products, load times for reordering, quick order, ordering from favourites or reloading a saved cart, has now been reduced from minutes to seconds. Price lookups now happen all at once instead of one at a time.

Quick Linking to Products

For promoting or sharing products, you now have the option to link to the product quickly simply using the product code, for example, This is great for your customer's social sharing of your products online plus finding your products quickly should they know your product codes.

Improved Page Loading Times

We've improved how we load and display content. The average page load time for content and product information is now 200ms which is a great improvement for SEO on top of the added benefits for the user experience while searching for products and navigating through your WebShop. For more information on the latest Software Upgrade and New Release please contact us.