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Webinar: Improving the Performance of Remote Sales Teams

Event Date: Wednesday, April 1st, 2020 at 2 PM.

Alex E. Pjetra (Product Marketing Executive) Written by Alex E. Pjetra (Product Marketing Executive) 25 Mar 2020 in Events

Webinar: Improving the Performance of Remote Sales Teams

Do you have a sales team that can no longer visit customers in the field or go to work in an office?  

Now more than ever the issue of remote working is starting to be felt across the globe. Access to real-time data is now critical for your sales team to keep sales orders flowing into your business.

By empowering your sales team with the Aphix SalesRep app (which is available on all Android tablets and iPads) you will have your sales team up and running with live data from your ERP in a matter of minutes...

In this webinar, we'll demonstrate how the Aphix ERP Integrated SalesRep App will empower your sales team with real-time data while reducing manual tasks, increasing the speed of transactions and the volume of sales orders overall.

Presenters: Aphix CEO, Graham O'Rourke, and Aphix Head of Sales & Marketing, Eleanor Walsh, will demonstrate the integrated Aphix SalesRep App.

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Why you should attend this webinar?

  • See the SalesRep App in action
  • Learn how other companies are using the app
  • Find out the benefits the app can bring to your business
  • Ask the experts direct questions related to current challenges with remote reps

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“We reckon that the SalesRep app has contributed to increasing our domestic sales turnover by 10%.” 

Lyn Sharkey - Sales & Marketing Director - Abcon Industrial Products Ltd