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The Power of Mobile Order History

Find out about three key benefits of using order history to help you identify valuable customer behaviour.

Integrated mobile sales apps can offer a sales rep the simplicity to easily review a client's order history & developed sales patterns over period of time. A mobile ordering app will equip reps with the ability to see the time & dates an order was placed, the quantity of products normally purchased and what products are most popular with a particular client.

Utilizing an integrated mobile ordering app like SalesRep will offer reps instant access to a client's order history, which makes it simple to track and analyze a client's behavior over a period of time. Fingertip access can make it simple for any member of a sales team to take on an existing client account, and instantly be aware of what routines and patterns are associated with that account. 

Below we have identified three key benefits of order history and how SalesRep can help you identify valuable customer behavior. This critical data can be used to improve and streamline your overall business process:

1.  Order frequency?

Many customers’ orders can change from month to month, but over time a solid ordering pattern will come to light. These clients’ orders may be daily, weekly,or even monthly, depending on the industry. Orders may increase or decrease depending the time of the year. SalesRep is a powerful mobile ordering tool which allows a full breakdown of a client's past, present and even potential future orders. This allows the user to pick up on this pattern, and in turn help improve the overall customer’s experience immensely. 

For example, a client has a pattern of ordering new stock from you at the end of every month, you can now act on this prior to the order. As a sales rep you can now confidently contact that client before the end of every month to enquire about their next order. This can both improve sales & customer service as you deliver a proactive & professional service.

2.  Keep on selling

A client's order history will play a key role in identifying their most popular and frequently purchased products. Product sales can vary from client to client, this can be a great way of identifying which products are your “cash cows/stars” & which are “dogs”. This knowledge can be strategically utilized by reps as a gateway to up-sell & cross sell new or unwanted stock at a reduced cost. This type of data can be accessed live on SaleRep. With a touch of a button a rep knows all the products a client has ordered in the past. Access to this type of data can be very powerful tool in the development and closing of a sale.

3.  Loyalty

SaleRep allows you to review a client's contact information, CRM activity, invoices, previous orders, credit details & much more! This makes it simple for you to identify the overall value of a client to your business. Having this critical information on hand can allow a rep to really get to know their customer's behaviour, answer queries immediately, offer relevant products & promotions and build loyalty.

Make the Move

SalesRep can help improve the overall sales performance by speeding up the ordering process. Allow our Award Winning software to introduce your sales force to the mobile age - empower them so that they can showcase your catalogue professionally, place real-time orders "on the go" and improve customer satisfaction by having all the information they need at their fingertips.