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Real Time Order Processing

Find out why Real-Time integration offers companies strategic market advantages over their competitors.

In today’s technology driven world, “Real-Time” data is being used increasingly by companies to gain strategic market advantages over competitors. The utilization of “real-time” data has been proven to enhance a company's overall operational process.

The world of B2B eCommerce is finally adapting to this inevitable process, businesses in the area of Wholesale, Manufacturing & Distribution are becoming educated & aware of the benefits such a change can offer. Typically there are two ways B2B orders can be processed via your integrated eCommerce & ERP system: “Real-Time” or the widely used outdated method “Batch”. Below we took a look at the differences between both processes:

Batch Processing

Batch processing can be defined as a series of jobs that are connected to each other or executed one after another in sequence or in parallel. Batch order processing involves the storing of orders during working hours and then executing them whenever the computer is idle.

This process can occur during lunch, evening or even as late as overnight. Once a batch job begins, it continues until it is done or until an error occurs. If a problem arises and no one is monitoring the process, your business will experience costly delays that can negatively impact both the business and customer experience. In addition, data can’t be accessed until the order has been fully processed. With batch processing you are postponing critical access to data along with the risk of down time.

Real - Time Processing

With real-time processing, individual transactions can be processed on demand, avoiding the delay associated with batch processing. The time between when the user inputs the data into the computer and when the computer performs the expected output is called the "response time". 

Real-time systems have predictable response times. Outputs are successful if they are accurate and timely. Using real-time processing will allow your business data to be available to clients upon request. Data being entered into the system immediately allows you to monitor what is happening within your business in real time and solve any issues instantly. While there is some data that can still use the batch processing, much of the data your business uses can and will benefit from real-time processing instead. Any data that adds value to your business’s operations should be updated in real-time so it’s always available when needed.

Aphix Software

At Aphix Software we specialise in the development of “Real-Time” data interchange while integrating ERP & eCommerce systems. By integrating your eCommerce and ERP systems “Real-Time”, you can eliminate costly challenges and turn your web store into a strategic and profitable business centre. You will be able to increase the level of customer satisfaction and give your clients what they expect from an online shopping experience. 

Our award winning eCommerce platform WebShop is an “out-of-the-box” product that processes tens of millions of euro in orders annually.  WebShop is the fastest, reliable and most cost effective way of getting your ERP system integrated “real-time” with your eCommerce site. Our platform reduces the complexity traditionally associated with integration to an ERP system.  Customers can access their accounts online 24/7, place orders, access order history and view real time prices and stock levels.