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National Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference

Aphix Software attended the National Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference which hosted thousands of registered visitors, 262 exhibitors and over 130 seminars.

manufacturing_featuredAphix Software attended the "National Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference" yesterday at the City West Hotel. The event was huge this year, hosting thousands of registered visitors providing the opportunity to network with up to 262 exhibitors and avail of the option to attend 130 seminars delivered by highly engaging key-note speakers. The atmosphere was electric with visitors and exhibitors from various industries engaging with one another and availing of the opportunity to network, sell and promote their businesses. 

The event provided AphixSoftware with the perfect platform to network and introduce our products WebShop & SalesRep.

We knew the top manufacturers and supply chain companies in attendance from Ireland and the UK would have a huge demand and need for our Products. We understand the issues they face and our products solve these issues by helping them to scale, sell and automate. It gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our "Award Winning" software which will grow their business to the next level by providing real-time integration to their business management, CRM  and ERP systems.

devices2.2We gained very positive feedback as many companies realized the true value in relation to how cost-efficient, sophisticated, reliable and user-friendly our software is. Following attendance we have gained a large number of potential customers to add to our ever-growing client list, making our trip a huge success and definite attendance for us at next years event.