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Maximising your Digital Solutions to adapt to the ‘New Normal’

The Aphix Digital Platform can help your Business to Work Smarter

Lyndsey Turner (Marketing Executive) Written by Lyndsey Turner (Marketing Executive) 7 Apr 2020 in News

We sent out an update on our Customer newsletter last week letting you all know we are open for business and here to support you during the Covid19 pandemic. Check that out here if you missed it. The safety and wellbeing of our staff and the ongoing support of our customers is and will always be our main priority during this and any time.

Following on from that update and as we all try to settle into what is now becoming, and to coin an overused phrase, the ‘New Normal’, Aphix want to offer support and tools to help your business adapt. 

We all need to find new ways of working smarter and being more productive both during these times and in general, as we all increasingly move away from more traditional business models.

As a digital company, we were able to adapt quickly to work 100% remotely and we want our customers to be able to do the same. 

Customers are already several steps ahead of the rest by having their ERP solution integrated with the Aphix Digital Platform. Those already on the platform can easily maximise their existing digital solution(s) to keep orders coming in. 

Aphix customer’s with our Webshop, whether that be B2B eCommerce or B2C eCommerce sites or B2B Customer Portals, are still able to receive orders any time of day or night from their customers. Indeed this is the perfect time to encourage those of your customers who are still ordering manually to move online. 

Those with the PocketShop Customer ordering app have even more choice and flexibility for their customers to place orders digitally and direct into their ERP.

Working with our SalesRep app can allow your sales staff to access their customer’s information, stock levels and pricing in real-time from your back-end systems, whether they are working from home or still able to visit customers on-site. 

Our eProcurement customers are maximising their supplier portals, e-Catalogue and order punchout solutions to keep their vital supply chains streamlined.

Other customers are using our Add-on Marketplace to connect to other marketplaces and API’s like Amazon, Google, Facebook and Instagram.

Indeed the Aphix platform is busier than ever particularly in industries like IT, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Automotive and Building supplies. 

One of the benefits of being on the Aphix Digital Platform already means that if you have an immediate need to implement any other solutions mentioned above, that we can do this much faster than with a new customer and we would prioritise any development that was essential to help keep your business open during these times.

Once again wishing you and your families continued safety and good health now more than ever.

Yours Faithfully,

The Aphix Team.

P.S Should you wish to find out more about leveraging your existing solutions with Aphix or how we can implement new solutions quickly, please book a demo or email

And please remember our normal telephone, email and online channels are available for you to get in touch as always. You can find those details here.