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Intact Mobile Ordering App

Since 2014, Aphix Software has been the leader in enterprise tablet applications that unlock the power of your Intact vLine or iQ, delivering real time information system straight to your mobile or tablet device.

Mark Reilly (CTO) Written by Mark Reilly (CTO) 20 Dec 2016 in Intact Integrated eCommerce


In 2014, Aphix Software developed and designed an enterprise tablet application called SalesRep. This product shares the same trusted, reliable, real-time cloud system as WebShop. Our cutting edge technology unlocks the power of your Intact system straight to your mobile or tablet device.

SalesRep can be integrated with Intact iQ in real-time. Our high-end integration and rich design has been developed specifically for sales teams who work “on-the-road” and require simple access to live customer data, price or stock updates from HQ. SalesRep is your mobile solution, our app grants your field reps access to real-time account information, order history, stock, pricing and live ordering capabilities - all at the touch of a button.

In 2017, there’s an undisputed new player in town and its mobile. Integrating Intact iQ with our SalesRep app is the future of ordering! Aphix Software's integration creates bidirectional flow of key data between the two systems (as shown below) providing the best integration on the market, bar none. This process streamlines the traditional ordering process, saving your business and your sales force significant time and money. In fact, our SalesRep App is up to 25 times more efficient than submitting those orders via telephone or by email.

Benefits of SalesRep for Intact Software

Intact Live Integration

Integrating SalesRep with Intact iQ will unlock on-demand access to your iQ system in real-time. Your reps will have access to data on pricing, orders, inventory, customer info and much more - all at their fingertips! Our process can save your sales team, your back office staff and your clients substantial time and money.

Professional Company Image

Reps can now record and place entire orders live via their mobile device. This creates a dynamic and professional impression towards your clients. Your business will appear organised, forward-looking and interested in having the most up-to-date data to serve customers. This will instil confidence and trust in your business from clients.

E - Catalogue

Replace out of date and expensive catalogues with a stylish e-Catalogue. Sales reps can always have the latest product information and pricing at the touch of a button! All products from your Intact system are now stylishly categorised within SalesRep. Reps can quickly and conveniently showcase your catalogue with compelling images and descriptions. This additionally creates an opportunity to up-sell & cross-sell to clients in style.

CRM Activity

SalesRep gives your reps on-demand access to client’s order history, order status, statements, invoices, contact info & more! This allows reps to manage all of their accounts without the need to call back to base as all key information past and present is available in the palm of their hands.

Make the Move Today

Mobile Sales Ordering for Intact iQ and Intact vLineIntegrating Intact with SalesRep can help improve the overall sales performance by speeding up the ordering process. Allow our Award Winning software to introduce your sales force to the mobile age - empower them so that they can showcase your catalogue professionally, place real-time orders "on the go" and improve customer satisfaction by having all the information they need at their fingertips.