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Drive mobility, efficiency & flexibility in B2B companies

What we even need in terms of digital solutions is constantly changing as the business and marketplace move forward. So is it actually possible to stay ahead of the curve or will you always be scrambling to adapt?

Lyndsey Turner (Marketing Executive) Written by Lyndsey Turner (Marketing Executive) 25 Mar 2020 in Wholesale and Distribution

Being more flexible, efficient and mobile in the workplace is becoming increasingly important as society shifts away from the typical fixed locations and 9 to 5 work patterns of old.

Technology is the obvious key to this, but it is not as simple as buying the latest gadgets and software.

Traditional business models like Wholesale and Distribution and other B2B companies, who rely heavily on ERP systems to manage their complex pricing and inventory structures, worry they won’t fit the digital mould.

What we even need in terms of digital solutions is constantly changing as the business and marketplace move forward. 

field sales app
SalesRep and VanSales App

And with the landscape changing constantly, investing in solutions that will be out of date before you’ve learnt how to use them just isn’t viable.

Is it possible to stay ahead of the curve or will you always be scrambling to adapt?

Perhaps right now you just need an app for a handful of sales reps out taking orders on the road, but in time you will need more. 

Perhaps your customers are increasingly asking to order online, or access account information like invoices, or you want to sell into new markets. You need an eCommerce solution. 

Perhaps your customers are always on the go and now want to place orders from their mobile devices as and when they need to. You need a customer app. 

Perhaps your staff could be put to better use in the company instead of taking sales orders by

Branded customer ordering app
Branded Customer Ordering App 

phone and email, manually inputting them into the ERP system. You need an integrated ordering solution.

Perhaps one day you finally land that deal with the large multinational, but they want to order through their own systems. You need an eProcurement solution. 

Perhaps you start selling to the B2C market and want your products found on digital and social marketplaces like Amazon and Facebook. 

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps….

Who knows what the future will hold but the simple fact is that your needs and how you and your customers do business will change and the tools you will need to compliment this will too.

Having one digital platform that fully integrates with your ERP system and has multiple solutions, like eCommerce, eProcurement, mobile apps and more, is a no-brainer. 

ERP integrated B2B eCommerce
A B2B WebShop integrated with your ERP

You work with one company who knows your industry and understands your existing ERP software and business processes. 

You implement the products and solutions that you need initially and add more if and when you need them. 

The platform runs on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. This means peace of mind in terms of security, support and hosting. And that the products and solutions are updated regularly.

This really is the only way to do this

The Aphix Digital Platform specialises in integrated eCommerce, Mobile app and eProcurement solutions for B2B companies, helping them to work and sell smarter. 

This secure SaaS platform fully integrates with your ERP giving access to real-time stock, pricing and account information while placing orders directly into the system.

The Aphis Digital Patform
The Aphix Digital Platform

Your mobile sales force will become more efficient and be able to spend more time selling rather than simply order taking with the Aphix Sales Rep and Van Sales apps. 

A B2B or B2C WebShop and the branded customer ordering app, PocketShop, will give your customers the freedom and flexibility to self serve at any time from any device, while significantly reducing order processing times and costs.

eProcurement offers endless opportunities, including order punch-out, wardrobe management, supplier portals and more, allowing you to service those larger companies that want to keep to their own internal ordering systems.

The Aphix digital marketplace gives you the ability to sell across multiple digital and social marketplaces like Google, eBay, Instagram, Amazon and more.

Just like your business, the secure Aphix Platform is ever-evolving and updating, to make sure you are always up to speed.

To understand how the award-winning Aphix and their platform can help your business sell smarter book a demo today or contact us to find out more.