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Aphix Customer Success Webinar #2 | Introducing Visual Page Builder Webinar

Wednesday, Feb 22nd 2023 at 11:00 AM

Alisha Dixon (Marketing Executive) Written by Alisha Dixon (Marketing Executive) 15 Feb 2023 in Events

This is the second in a series of Webinars that our Customer Success Team will be rolling out to you on a monthly basis throughout 2023 and beyond.

Our Product team has been busy in 2022 preparing our new Visual Page Builder (VPB) and we are excited to share its flexibility and ease of use with you.

Join Chris Dunphy and Neno Karadzhov on Wednesday 22nd February at 11:00 AM GMT where they will showcase the changes that will allow you to create and edit current CMS content with the greatest of ease making day-to-day operations much easier for your WebShop.

In this session, we will cover:

  • Creating a Homepage from start to finish using VPB
  • Demonstrating new tools to preview the changes as they occur in real-time
  • Updated icons and granular menu controls
  • Overview of some premium tools that work with VPB
  • Q&A

This session will improve how you create content on the WebShop with respect to product, category and information for your customers in an easy-to-do method.

Watch the webinar recording now!