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B2B eCommerce

In order to build a high-quality B2B eCommerce business, companies must define and prioritise the key issues.

Business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce involves interactions and transactions between a business and its trading partners: suppliers, collaborators and large institutional customers. More often, they are conducted online or via a mobile device, with applications that are cleverly automated to require little to no human interaction. In order to build a high quality B2B eCommerce business, companies must define and prioritize key issues, allocate resources and avoid costly mistakes. This blog explores 5 reasons how Aphix Software offers an industry-leading B2B eCommerce platform.

Aphix Softwares B2B eCommerce Solution

Aphix Software are professionals in eCommerce integrated solutions, as a result the development of an award winning product called WebShop has emerged. Aphix WebShop is specifically developed for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors who want to adapt to digital age and streamline processes. Aphix Software's WebShop Platform seamlessly integrates with numerous ERP systems which are typically prevalent in most manufacturing, distribution and wholesaling businesses. This ensures your systems for accounts, warehouse management, sales order processing & inventory control can all be seamlessly connected to your customer facing ecommerce website. WebShop is rapidly becoming a leading solution for B2B business in the UK, Ireland and across Europe! Customers are already availing of the following WebShop Benefits:
  • ERP Integration - ERP & eCommerce integration provides substantial efficiencies for B2B organisations. With our WebShop platform clients can easily account for new orders and fulfill them, regardless of where the sale is made. ERP integration allows you to provide customers with access to their live account information. The customers can access their accounts online 24/7 and view their account information without contacting you directly. Information on their order history, their invoices, real time price and the real time stock is available to them, and can all be checked online anytime, anywhere.
  • Scalability - Due to the simplicity in operations WebShop will bring your business will be able to grow and scale to meet market demand and customer needs by developing and utilising new sales channels.
  • Measure your success – Webshop offers a great platform for businesses to run comprehensive analytic campaigns. By using WebShop, businesses can easily measure and evaluate marketing campaigns, sales effectiveness and customer engagement. WebShop is fully integrated with Google Analytics allowing you much more valuable data with actionable insights.
  • Exceptional customer experience – WebShop provides B2B business a great opportunity to enhance customer service. WebShop  provides a self-serve portal with account, order, history and tracking information along with  intuitive design, rich content, and interactive functionality.
  • The opportunity to expand - WebShop users have the opportunity to sell not just in your local region but now far beyond! Leveraging WebShop to expand your company reach means your business and your revenues can continue to evolve.
  B2B businesses need to take this vital step into the future of integrated eCommerce, gain a strategic advantage over competitors while saving substantial time and money for your business.