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Experlogix and Signum Solutions Unite to bring SAP Business One users Intelligent eCommerce

Experlogix offers Digital Commerce with robust functionality for SAP Business One.

Kevin Faulkner - Marketing Executive Written by Kevin Faulkner - Marketing Executive 9 Nov 2023 in SAP Integrated eCommerce

A new partnership between Experlogix, a renowned provider of flexible digital commerce platforms for SAP, and Signum Solutions, a premier UK reseller of SAP Business One has been finalized. This collaboration represents a strategic alignment aimed at driving growth and innovation for Signum Solutions' customer base, by providing Digital Commerce with robust functionality for SAP Business One.

A Unified Solution powered by SAP

This new partnership between Experlogix and Signum Solutions will deliver comprehensive, SAP certified, eCommerce and mobile app solutions providing real-time dataflow from SAP Business One into the Digital Commerce platform. Tight integration allows SAP Business One to become the engine that powers the online platform, empowering businesses to manage their online sales operations with ease and to respond to the market's digital demands.

Digital Scalability Key to Business Growth

Signum Solutions customers will be able to deploy out-of-the-box digital commerce products that have been designed to meet their industry requirements. Whether it is streamlining complex pricing, stock, quotations or just streamlining the ordering process, Experlogix solutions will help businesses adapt and thrive in a rapidly increasing digital landscape. Signum clients will choose to launch multiple products at the same time or to scale up their multichannel strategy over time.

Multichannel Opportunity for Signum Customers

For SAP Business One users, the integration of eCommerce capabilities opens a world of opportunities. By seamlessly integrating eCommerce with SAP Business One, businesses can unlock new channels, revenue streams, enhance customer engagement, and drive operational efficiency. From real-time inventory updates to synchronized order processing, the benefits of eCommerce integration are limitless.

A Futureproof SaaS Platform for B2B eCommerce

When it comes to B2B eCommerce, Experlogix has all you need on one platform. Avoid the digital trap of multiple vendors, multiple support teams and embrace an industry fit platform that caters for your payment gateway and marketing needs. As well as monthly features and updates we offer dedicated customer support and a training hub to answer queries and questions ensuring Signum clients can achieve customer success.

Meet your Strategic Objectives with Experlogix, Signum Solutions and SAP Business One

Signum Solutions customers who utilize SAP Business One stand to gain immensely from this partnership. By leveraging the Experlogix digital commerce platform, they can elevate their online presence, streamline their sales processes, and deliver an exceptional customer experience. Whether it is B2B or B2C, our joint solution empowers businesses to drive growth and achieve their strategic objectives with confidence. This partnership underscores a shared vision for leveraging technology to foster business agility and success, demonstrating Signum Solutions' and Experlogix commitment to driving the future of business through innovation and expertise.

About Experlogix

Experlogix has established itself as a leader in providing flexible digital commerce platforms, empowering businesses to grow and adapt through innovative technology. Their solutions not only enhance customer interactions but also streamline operations across multiple sectors, making them a vital partner in this strategic collaboration.

About Signum Solutions

Signum Solutions is a premier UK reseller of SAP Business One, specialising in innovative solutions for the manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and food and beverage industries. They are committed to enhancing business operations through advanced technology and expert services.