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B2B Businesses: Focus on Two Key Areas and Compete Online

All businesses have an incredible opportunity to compete with even the biggest of competitors. However, they must start today and be clever about their strategies.

In 2016, B2B businesses of all sizes are taking a serious look at migrating and developing an eCommerce webshop to help increase and promote sales. Through research, most have realised that building an eCommerce platform specifically suited to their business can be complicated for many reasons, including:

  • B2B eCommerce can be complex.
  • Existing B2C/retail solutions do not scale.
  • The scale of most B2B businesses requires an integrated approach.
  • Costs of custom-built solutions can be high.
  • Lack of knowledge of the B2B best practice.
These hurdles can sometimes cause B2B businesses to become negative towards migrating their business online (understandably). B2B eCommerce isn’t just for the biggest and most established B2B companies, all B2B businesses can easily build online sales if they follow the right steps.

Allow your business to compete online with the help of Aphix Software!

Small B2B business can compete with the bigger more established B2B businesses by being smarter in how they make their investments. At Aphix Software we believe there are two key areas of investment that define a successful B2B eCommerce strategy:
  • An eCommerce platform integrated with ERP software.
  • A well thought out and professional Digital Marketing strategy.

Integration with your ERP

At Aphix Software we understand that the ERP, or enterprise resource planning system, is the lifeblood of most B2B Businesses. The eCommerce site is an extension of your business and, therefore, must be tightly integrated into your ERP system. Our WebShop has the simplicity to seamlessly integrate with your ERP, which in turn allows you to easily account for new orders and fulfil them, regardless of where the sale is made. 

The customers can access their accounts online 24/7, meaning they can view their own account information, without contacting you directly. Information on their order history, invoices, real-time price and the real-time stock is available to them and can all be checked at anytime online.

Digital Marketing

It is no longer enough to build a B2B eCommerce site and expect sales to come. As a business, you have to know how to market it. From search engine optimization, marketing automation to digital advertising, you must construct a funnel of awareness, consideration and conversion. You will also need to create an effective customer journey, where a customer first becomes aware of your brand, considers your products, then places an order on your site.

Bring your business up to speed today!

All businesses have an incredible opportunity to compete with even the biggest of competitors. However, they must start today and be clever about their strategies. At Aphix Software we can revolutionise the way you do business, we offer your business the opportunity to compete with the giants and claim a larger market share. Our award-winning eCommerce platform WebShop is an out of the box product that processes tens of millions of euro in orders annually.  

WebShop is the fastest, reliable and most cost-effective way of getting your business online. Our platform reduces the complexity traditionally associated with integration to an ERP system.  Customers can access their accounts online 24/7, place orders, access order history and view real-time prices and stock levels. Now is the time to take that vital next step into the future, gain a strategic advantage over competitors while saving substantial time and money for your business.