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Aphix & K3 FDS team up to offer eCommerce en masse to Sage 200, 1000 & X3 customers

Aphix joins forces with Sage Platinum Partner K3 to bring integrated eCommerce & more to Sage customers in the UK & Ireland.

Lyndsey Turner (Marketing Executive) Written by Lyndsey Turner (Marketing Executive) 12 Feb 2021 in News

Aphix is delighted to announce our partnership with Sage powerhouse, K3 FDS. 

Our newest partnership aims to help Sage ERP customers digitise and streamline their business processes and ultimately sell smarter with integrated eCommerce, eProcurement, mobile apps and more.

K3 FDS are a software solutions provider specialising in Sage ERP solutions and one of only a handful of Sage Platinum Partners. 

This new partnership means that Aphix and K3 can now work together providing integrated digital ordering solutions for Sage 200, Sage 1000 and Sage X3 customers across the UK & Ireland.

With seamless integration with their Sage ERP and a full-suite of future-ready eCommerce and app solutions, K3 customers on the Aphix Digital Platform are ready to adapt to whatever the marketplace demands.

Customers on the secure SaaS platform from Aphix can easily grow and scale their business moving into new markets and sales channels. 

Typically starting with one product such as B2C eCommerce or a B2B Customer Portal, then as the business grows a customer will launch more solutions from the Aphix cloud platform as and when they need them, such as a branded customer app, a supplier portal, an app for their sales team, order punchout and more.

Integrated eCommerce and app solutions quickly reduce complexity and streamline business processes. Customer service is instantly improved with access to real-time data straight from the Sage ERP, such as customer specific pricing, live stock availability and my-account information, 24/7 365. 

With business growth and transformation at the core of K3’s existing offering, their customers can easily take advantage of the Aphix Digital Platform for Sage and enjoy eCommerce solutions that are quick to rollout, competitively priced and offer a fast return on investment.

K3 have also developed K3 dataswitch, A low-code integration platform supporting file, database and API based systems and data integrations. Along with the real-time ERP integration offered on the Aphix Digital Platform for Sage, the two platforms will now work together to connect even more areas of a business digitally.

“We are really excited to work with Sage Platinum Partner K3 FDS. They offer a wealth of ERP and industry knowledge and a large Sage ERP customer base. They needed an eCommerce solution that could work across different Sage ERPs and offer the future proof solutions their customers need and are increasingly demanding and we needed the right Sage partner to really make our mark and help Sage ERP users in the UK and Ireland sell smarter. We have certainly found that in K3 and we look forward to working very closely with them in the very near future,” said Aphix CEO, Graham O’Rourke.

“We are really looking forward to a strong partnership with Aphix. They have a product set that offers a huge amount of benefit to Sage customers and the timing is perfect with so many customers raising interest in developing their online B2B and B2C platforms. Improving customer experience is a high priority for many businesses at the moment and the Aphix products offer an easy way to make big gains, ” added Andrew Bray, Managing Director at K3 FDS.



Aphix Bio: 

Aphix has developed a suite of eCommerce, mobile ordering and eProcurement products with real-time integration to ERP and back-office systems plus connectivity to various digital marketplaces on one secure and robust platform. Our mission is to help companies sell smarter using the Aphix Digital Platform.

K3 FDS Bio:

K3 FDS is a Sage Platinum partner specialising in Sage ERP, CRM and BI. With offices in England, Wales and Ireland we look after over 400 Sage customers. As part of the K3 Business Technology group plc we work alongside our 700 industry specialists, across 12 countries who are ready to find ways to help you leverage the power of your people and technology to get through the challenges we are facing today and tomorrow.