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Aphix & Envisage bring Sage 200 companies online with Integrated eCommerce, Apps and more

Aphix & Envisage come together to help businesses on Sage 200cloud digitise their sales channels and adapt to the ever changing marketplace with future-ready eCommerce, mobile app and eProcurement solutions.

Lyndsey Turner (Marketing Executive) Written by Lyndsey Turner (Marketing Executive) 21 Dec 2020 in News


Award winning eCommerce provider Aphix and Ireland’s largest Sage partner, Envisage, are working together to bring ERP integrated digital solutions to Sage 200cloud customers.

Having worked together for a number of years on various eCommerce, eProcurement and mobile app projects, the Irish based companies have cemented their partnership for the future as the need for eCommerce and digital ordering solutions escalates.

The Aphix Digital Platform for Sage offers future ready products and solutions which allow Sage 200cloud customers to adapt to the ever-changing marketplace.

The relationship with Envisage and Aphix and their respective systems allows companies like Excellence, a leading Food and Catering distributor, to save up to 2000 staff hours a year with the SalesRep app from Aphix.

Excellence has a team of sales reps out on the road taking approximately 500 orders worth around €900,000 a month, which were being processed into Sage 200 manually. 

Excellence needed a digital ordering solution that would both streamline this inefficient process and also work with their existing Sage 200 system to provide reps real-time customer, price and product information and place orders directly into Sage 200cloud.

By implementing the Aphix SalesRep app, Excellence now processes approximately €10 Million in orders a year directly into Sage 200cloud saving almost 2000 hours in manual processing time. 

Envisage, as part of the Noledge group, has spent the last two decades delivering creative, flexible and long-lasting ERP solutions, for some of Ireland’s largest and best-known companies. 

The Aphix Digital Platform for Sage now offers these companies the opportunity to enhance their Sage 200cloud system and bring the vital data held in Sage, including customer, pricing and product information, to life on a digital stage. 

“Envisage has two decades under their belt of providing Sage 200cloud to Irish companies.  Having worked with Envisage on the Excellence project and others, and given the current demand for digital solutions, this partnership offers us both a great opportunity to come together and help Sage 200cloud companies to grow their business digitally.”, said Aphix CEO, Graham O’Rourke.

Envisage Sales Director, Roger Gribbin added “Our partnership with Aphix means we can continue to offer our Sage 200cloud customers fully-integrated, leading edge eCommerce and mobility solutions to help them drive their businesses forward”. 



Aphix Bio: 

Aphix has developed a suite of eCommerce, mobile ordering and eProcurement products with real-time integration to ERP and back-office systems plus connectivity to various digital marketplaces on one secure and robust platform. Our mission is to help companies sell smarter using the Aphix Digital Platform.

Envisage Bio:

Based in Dublin and Part of the Noledge Group, Envisage is the largest Irish Sage 200cloud Business Partner.  They’ve spent the last two decades partnering with people in some of Ireland’s biggest and best-known businesses, to deliver creative, flexible and long-lasting cloud solutions solving an array of different challenges.