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Another Successful SAP Summit | Vienna 2023

Kevin Faulkner - Marketing Executive Written by Kevin Faulkner - Marketing Executive 23 Jun 2023 in News

DUBLIN, IRELAND - (June 23, 2023)


Greetings, partners and fellow SAP enthusiasts!

I'm excited to share the highlights of our recent event experience at the SAP Summit 2023 in beautiful Vienna. This three-day event centered around SAP updates such as SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform), creating new partnerships and fostering collaboration. It was an inspiring and fruitful gathering for Aphix, now an Experlogix brand. From engaging with existing partners to networking with potential partners at vibrant venues, the SAP Summit provided us with many valuable opportunities and promising prospects for the year ahead.

Immersed in History at Hotel Stefanie:

To ensure a comfortable and memorable stay, we were accommodated at Hotel Stefanie, the oldest hotel in Vienna. The historical charm and impeccable service made our time in Vienna remarkable. It was fascinating to reside in a place with such rich history, and the hotel's modern amenities perfectly complemented the unique blend of tradition and innovation we experienced at the SAP Summit.

Day One | Captivating Presentation by Eleanor Walsh:

On the first day of the summit, we had the privilege of presenting at a breakout session delivered by our own Digital Commerce expert, Eleanor Walsh. Her deep knowledge and insightful perspectives left an impression on the audience, and it set the tone for the rest of our time at the event. Eleanor's presentation titled ‘How to Sell More and Churn Less' focused on retaining customers by empowering them with digital tools to help them grow their business. It ignited the audience passion for innovation and provided them with a fresh perspective on the opportunities that exist within their customer base.

Charli Ps Irish Bar for the Aphix After Party:

Day one concluded with a highlight that brought many summit attendees together in a lively atmosphere – the Aphix After Party at Charli Ps bar in Vienna. The venue was buzzing with music and energy, packed with summit attendees, fellow exhibitors, and SAP partners. This event provided an exceptional opportunity for networking and establishing meaningful connections within the SAP community. Plenty of food and refreshments were provided courtesy of Aphix and the exchange of conversation and ideas further solidified our commitment to collaboration and growth within the SAP partner channel.

Day Two | Networking:

Day two commenced with some of our team, Kees Huijbers and Graham O’Rourke, exploring various booths and engaging in enlightening discussions with other exhibitors and delegates. It allowed us to delve deeper into the latest advancements within the SAP partner ecosystem while expanding our network of contacts. In the evening, after a remarkably busy day on our stand B1, we embraced Vienna's vibrant nightlife at a brilliant cocktail bar. The relaxed environment provided an ideal setting to wind down and enjoy all the sights and sounds Vienna has to offer.

Partner Connections and Engagements:

Throughout the summit, we met with established and potential new partners. David Bristow, Eleanor, and I staffed the event stand at the Austria Center, and it became a hub of activity over the 3 days, as we displayed our products and services to delegates. The conversations we had were remarkably interesting, allowing us to gain insights into industry trends and explore potential synergies with other organizations.

Day Three | A Promising Outlook on the Journey Home:

As the event ended on day three, I reflected on the incredible opportunities that lie ahead for Aphix, which has recently merged with Experlogix. The summit had generated a wave of new interested prospects, setting the stage for a promising year ahead. Although it was only a half-day session on day 3, we made the most of our time, tying up loose ends and preparing for our journey home. The anticipation for what the future holds was palpable as I boarded my plane, eager to translate the connections made at the SAP Summit into tangible collaborations. To top it all off I met the Global Marketing Manager of SAP, Paulo Almeida, at Vienna airport and had a great conversation with him about the success of the event. It was a pleasure to chat with him.

In summary

The SAP Summit 2023 in Vienna was truly a remarkable event that exceeded our expectations yet again. Our interactions with partners, both old and new, provided invaluable insights and laid the foundation for potential collaborations. From the event stand at the Austria Center to the vibrant networking events and social gatherings, the summit served as a catalyst for innovation and growth. We returned home inspired and motivated to capitalize on the new prospects that lie ahead, confident in our ability to drive success and continue pushing the boundaries of the SAP ecosystem.

Here's to another fantastic SAP Summit and an exciting journey towards new partnerships and opportunities!

Looking forward to the SAP Summit in 2024 already!