B2C vs B2B eCommerce (a.k.a. The Multi-Trillion-Pound Opportunity for Businesses!)

Global B2B eCommerce figures show that business to business online trading is a behemoth ... and one that's getting bigger every single day. Here's what businesses can do now to take full advantage of this trillion-euro opportunity.

Graham O'Rourke (CEO) Written by Graham O'Rourke (CEO) 22 Mar 2018.

Main lessons from cross-border Brexit conference? Prepare and innovate!

There has been lots of theory put forward by countless commentators since the UK people took the momentous decision to leave the European Union in June 2016. But now it's time for practice, not theory.

Graham O'Rourke (CEO) Written by Graham O'Rourke (CEO) 5 Mar 2018.

eCommerce & ERP Integration: What it is and why it matters for B2B companies seeking to scale

eCommerce integration is the coordination between a company’s eCommerce site and back-end accounting and inventory (ERP) system. Proper integration brings cost savings, ability to scale operations and a much-improved customer experience.

Mark Reilly (CTO) Written by Mark Reilly (CTO) 5 Mar 2018.

Seven B2B eCommerce Trends Wholesalers, Manufacturers and Distributors Cannot Ignore for 2018

Welcome to 2018! We're still in the middle of sustained growth in B2B eCommerce right across the world. Here are 7 trends we see in B2B eCommerce for the year ahead.

Graham O'Rourke (CEO) Written by Graham O'Rourke (CEO) 12 Jan 2018.

23 Important Questions Every B2B eCommerce Company Needs to Ask Its Hosting Provider

Hosting is an area B2B or Wholesale companies with an eCommerce solution occasionally leave to their web developers or agency. Here are 23 key questions B2Bs should put to their hosting company - today!

Mark Reilly (CTO) Written by Mark Reilly (CTO) 28 Nov 2017.

Increasing Margins for UK Food Wholesalers

The challenges facing Food Wholesalers and how Digital Ordering & Aphix Software can drive grow and increase margins.

Deborah Welby (Head of Sales, UK) Written by Deborah Welby (Head of Sales, UK) 1 Nov 2017.

Top Talent to Bottom Line: 6 Benefits of B2B Digital Transformation for Wholesale and B2B Companies

Wholesalers' internal systems are almost uniformly up to scratch - but in many cases the customer interface over the Internet is a major weakness. Here are six major benefits of digital transformation for your entire B2B or wholesale organisation.

Graham O'Rourke (CEO) Written by Graham O'Rourke (CEO) 28 Sep 2017.

The next big development in eCommerce is not B2B – it’s W2C

B2B eCommerce - wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and others - outpaces B2C at a rate of 2 to 1. But the warehouse-to-consumer commerce model - let's call it W2C - looks like being the next big trend.

Graham O'Rourke (CEO) Written by Graham O'Rourke (CEO) 8 Sep 2017.

Four Reasons Open-source E-commerce Projects aren’t right for your B2B Business

Here we go through four key reasons an Open-source approach can result in less than sparkling results for B2B ecommerce and mobile ordering.

Mark Reilly (CTO) Written by Mark Reilly (CTO) 4 Sep 2017.