In early 2012 we embarked on a journey with Intact Software to develop an e-commerce product deeply integrated with Intact ERP systems. The goal was to provide real time stock, pricing and account information as well as real time ordering allowing for a unified online ordering system which incorporates existing order processing procedures. The resulting product was dubbed “WebShop”.

In the beginning the focus was to provide the best possible Business-To-Business eCommerce experience.  This was achieved through a Beta group of existing Intact customers.  Each Intact customer of the Beta group outlined needs and wants that would be specific for their industry.  We compiled these into a unified feature list to develop the best possible Business-To-Business integrated eCommerce site.

Building on this, Intact WebShop progressed further as a product with a similar approach. Again a Beta group of existing Intact and Intact WebShop customers were assembled.  This time the group outlined their needs and wants for Business-To-Consumer (B2C) features.  This B2C feature set was compiled based on this feedback combined with our experience in in eCommerce systems.  The feature set was designed to be in addition to the existing Business-To-Business (B2B) feature set.  Intact WebShop first went live with these new feature set towards the end of 2013.

In 2014 we added our first enterprise tablet application, SalesRep, to our product list.  SalesRep shares the same trusted, reliable, real time cloud system as WebShop.  This allow real time access to your ERP system providing your salesforce with up to date account information, order history, stock, pricing and real time ordering capabilities directly from their iPads or Android Tablets.

Our customers opinions and thoughts are a driving force behind the Intact WebShop product and are something we take very seriously.  Along with their input in developing the product, we continuously release updated versions with cool new features which originate from customer feedback, our knowledge of current & future market trends and from within our creative team.

In 2014 we built a larger focused team around exporting, developing & supporting our product range.  This team is Aphix Software.